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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Rash Seems Fatal...

Hello my fellow itches, it's been awhile and I wish I had some witty comments to make about things but honestly this platypus is feeling drained. I'm in a dark place there's no lock on the door but there's also nothing on the other side eiter. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on for. Just haven't had the energy or the inspiration. I think my days in this platypus patch might be numbered. I'm sorry to my loyal fans, I wish I could tell you something different but right now it's not looking good. But what I do have for you isn't much, and might even be kinda difficult to read. But I don't even have the energy to even reword it and give you the abridged version. So here you go, me mate Christmas and I were having a lil chat the other day and I couldn't help but notice that it was the first time in awhile that I'd actually said something even worth anything. So this is for you if you want it, I know it's not pretty and I'll understand if you throw it away.

[12/29/10 12:25:14 AM] sir....are u going to give me any advice for my poem? or do u not wish to partake in such activities?
[12/29/10 12:26:10 AM] Hasan Malik: wut do u want me to say?
[12/29/10 12:26:36 AM] Hasan Malik: i hate givin advice on poems, then i start to sound like **** ******
[12/29/10 12:26:42 AM] Christmas Dae: lmao
[12/29/10 12:26:54 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz messed up
[12/29/10 12:27:08 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean he gave his take on it, n i asked for his opinion, so thatz fine
[12/29/10 12:27:14 AM] Hasan Malik: im just sayin
[12/29/10 12:27:15 AM] Christmas Dae: if u hav input, i'd value it
[12/29/10 12:27:38 AM] Hasan Malik: using anybody else input no longer makes it ur poem
[12/29/10 12:27:55 AM] Christmas Dae: hmmmm...interesting way to look at it
[12/29/10 12:28:03 AM] Christmas Dae: it's an idea tho
[12/29/10 12:28:08 AM] Hasan Malik: and stop apologizing before your poems...all poems are not meant to be finished
[12/29/10 12:29:03 AM] Hasan Malik: poems are not childrens stories, they dont need to have "the end"
[12/29/10 12:29:37 AM] Hasan Malik: the most beautiful poem could have been a love letter written by a man who died half way through writtin it
[12/29/10 12:29:54 AM] Christmas Dae: wow
[12/29/10 12:30:13 AM] Hasan Malik: ...and his lover finds it and cries because she knows exactly wut he woulda said had he finished because she knows him in her heart
[12/29/10 12:30:31 AM] Hasan Malik: but everybody else cries because they feel sorry for her
[12/29/10 12:31:12 AM] Hasan Malik: but thats the beauty in storytelling everyone has their own personal reason for cryin and nobody is wrong
[12/29/10 12:31:35 AM] Hasan Malik: but its ur story, u dont need anybody elses feeding back or approval
[12/29/10 12:32:16 AM] Hasan Malik: there are no veteran poets and amateur poets, only you are the master at telling you story the way only you can tell it
[12/29/10 12:32:36 AM] Hasan Malik: advice is for when you stop listening to yourself
[12/29/10 12:33:20 AM] Hasan Malik: ever notice how you normally go to people for advice when you dont trust yourself anymore to make the decision?
[12/29/10 12:34:23 AM] Hasan Malik: and after you get the advice you feel better about makin the decision because if it turns out to be the wrong one, u wont feel as bad cuz u know at least one other person who woulda fucked up and made the same decision
[12/29/10 12:35:24 AM] Hasan Malik: just be brave and listen to yourself, uve already got a voice in ur head telling you wut to write. so stop inviting more voices, it only makes for noisy conversation
[12/29/10 12:38:01 AM] Christmas Dae: u def just went in right now. but i'm glad u did. U do have a good point about listening to one's own voice and whatnot. but i ask for opinions not for approval, but to see how to become a better writer.
[12/29/10 12:38:53 AM] Hasan Malik: thats my point
[12/29/10 12:39:01 AM] Hasan Malik: there are no better writers
[12/29/10 12:39:29 AM] Hasan Malik: there are only different writers
[12/29/10 12:39:40 AM] Christmas Dae: that's true.
[12/29/10 12:40:30 AM] Christmas Dae: and yet, when i asked how do you become a better writer you said to read. by reading and incorporating different styles u become more versatile, or better
[12/29/10 12:40:36 AM] Christmas Dae: not necessarily better than someone else
[12/29/10 12:40:51 AM] Christmas Dae: just better than u were before because u can write in different ways. or so i thought
[12/29/10 12:40:49 AM] Hasan Malik: problem is that humans naturally operate as chameleons, we come in contact with something and if we stay around it long enough it starts to rub off
[12/29/10 12:42:25 AM] Hasan Malik: im just saying find you own voice first before you start to "incorporate" others into you writing
[12/29/10 12:43:39 AM] Hasan Malik: because you can get to a point when you've studied all the "masters" and feel like you know sumthin, and then try to write something from your own voice and notice that everything u say seems like u picked it up from somewhere else
[12/29/10 12:44:05 AM] Christmas Dae: that's very true
[12/29/10 12:44:14 AM] Christmas Dae: i've seen that before
[12/29/10 12:45:40 AM] Hasan Malik: the reason why when most great artist are asked who they listened to when the created they're "project" they'll say they blocked themselves off from society so as to be able to listen to their true voice
[12/29/10 12:46:11 AM] Hasan Malik: inspiration is fine, but just know that when you pull from somewhere, you're nolonger writin that poem alone, which isn't a bad thing either
[12/29/10 12:48:00 AM] Christmas Dae: that's deep
[12/29/10 12:48:12 AM] Christmas Dae: i'll def keep that in mind
[12/29/10 12:48:30 AM] Hasan Malik: u wanted my two cents
[12/29/10 12:48:36 AM] Hasan Malik: there i just gave it to you
[12/29/10 12:48:39 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 12:49:06 AM] Christmas Dae: u gave me two cents on writing, not on my poem....but after that, i can see that i dont need it anymore
[12/29/10 12:49:17 AM] Christmas Dae: as u said, not all poems need "the end"
[12/29/10 12:49:35 AM] Christmas Dae: and i think it's fine just the way it is
[12/29/10 12:49:56 AM] Christmas Dae: i've realized this year that u cant force something onto a poem
[12/29/10 12:49:58 AM] Christmas Dae: it just wont fit
[12/29/10 12:50:12 AM] Christmas Dae: and when u read it, u'll see that it doesn't feel right
[12/29/10 12:50:34 AM] Christmas Dae: so i've always tried to stay true to myself and to my poetry
[12/29/10 12:50:54 AM] Hasan Malik: ive taken years to write poems as cliche as that may sound
[12/29/10 12:51:15 AM] Hasan Malik: but "heartless" was written over a two years span
[12/29/10 12:51:49 AM] Christmas Dae: that's sort of what happened to me before
[12/29/10 12:51:56 AM] Christmas Dae: thought something was wrong with me
[12/29/10 12:51:59 AM] Christmas Dae: for taking so long, took me months
[12/29/10 12:52:01 AM] Hasan Malik: sometimes you just havent live enough yet to even finish the poem
[12/29/10 12:52:13 AM] Christmas Dae: indeed
[12/29/10 12:55:17 AM] Christmas Dae: just so u know, i'll def be taking some of this and making them into lil quotes on my sticky notes for when i write
[12/29/10 12:55:23 AM] Christmas Dae: very profound thoughts king
[12/29/10 12:55:30 AM] Christmas Dae: i've always admired that about you
[12/29/10 12:56:24 AM] Hasan Malik: lol
[12/29/10 12:56:43 AM] Hasan Malik: its just kinda comes out
[12/29/10 12:56:50 AM] Christmas Dae: yea i know it does
[12/29/10 12:56:58 AM] Hasan Malik: this is how i write my blogs
[12/29/10 12:57:00 AM] Christmas Dae: your regular conversations sound like poems themselves
[12/29/10 12:57:07 AM] Christmas Dae: even your witty retorts and jokes
[12/29/10 12:57:18 AM] Christmas Dae: i'll jus be looking like "how does he do it?"
[12/29/10 12:57:19 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 12:58:25 AM] Hasan Malik: lol, well honestly i just get out of my own way
[12/29/10 12:58:43 AM] Hasan Malik: i find that when i rant like this, its not really me talking
[12/29/10 12:59:02 AM] Hasan Malik: its sum really smart guy who takes over and does all the work
[12/29/10 12:59:11 AM] Hasan Malik: but he lets me take all the credit for it
[12/29/10 12:59:34 AM] Hasan Malik: like i reread my blog sometimes and will have no idea where half that shit came from
[12/29/10 12:59:48 AM] Hasan Malik: and be surprising myself
[12/29/10 1:00:53 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:01:00 AM] Christmas Dae: ur so crazy
[12/29/10 1:01:23 AM] Hasan Malik: indeed my biggest fear
[12/29/10 1:02:34 AM] Christmas Dae: lol, going crazy?
[12/29/10 1:02:49 AM] Hasan Malik: Yup
[12/29/10 1:03:25 AM] Christmas Dae: i think it's fine as long as u retain a bit of sanity
[12/29/10 1:03:30 AM] Christmas Dae: u seem to be doing that quite well
[12/29/10 1:04:17 AM] Hasan Malik: I can never tell
[12/29/10 1:04:35 AM] Christmas Dae: because there's a balance
[12/29/10 1:04:45 AM] Christmas Dae: if there was an imbalance then u would notice
[12/29/10 1:05:12 AM] Hasan Malik: I have this theory that if you think about sanity too hard you'll go insane
[12/29/10 1:06:09 AM] Hasan Malik: It's like jumpin deeper and deeper into a dream world, one day u may get lost and not be able to find ur way back
[12/29/10 1:07:29 AM] Christmas Dae: true true. hmmm, not sure what would keept he balance in check. but i have faith in u
[12/29/10 1:07:42 AM] Christmas Dae: if i feel like ur teetering into another world i'll let u knw
[12/29/10 1:08:09 AM] Hasan Malik: Lol thing is sumtimes I don't know where the line exist
[12/29/10 1:11:43 AM] Christmas Dae: and i jus scanned thru this again n i didnt see when u wrote " if you think about sanity too hard you'll go insane"
[12/29/10 1:11:47 AM] Christmas Dae: that made me crack up
[12/29/10 1:12:00 AM] Hasan Malik: why?
[12/29/10 1:12:05 AM] Hasan Malik: im dead serious
[12/29/10 1:12:13 AM] Hasan Malik: shit be messin wit me
[12/29/10 1:14:24 AM] Hasan Malik: Honestly I'm not sure wuts real and wut isn't. Time over laps and repeats like a bitch.
[12/29/10 1:14:27 AM] Christmas Dae: idk because it sounded a bit oxymoronic
[12/29/10 1:14:36 AM] Christmas Dae: but i see what u meant
[12/29/10 1:14:45 AM] Christmas Dae: focusing on it so much can drive u insane
[12/29/10 1:14:54 AM] Christmas Dae: bcuz u start to question things
[12/29/10 1:15:01 AM] Christmas Dae: and overanalyze things
[12/29/10 1:15:10 AM] Christmas Dae: n then delve beyond a point of return
[12/29/10 1:15:13 AM] Hasan Malik: I don't know wut I've said before and what im sayin again for the hundredth time
[12/29/10 1:15:46 AM] Hasan Malik: That's wut I meant by the dream metaphor
[12/29/10 1:16:32 AM] Hasan Malik: Like in inception, u jump so much. How do you know when uve actually woken up?
[12/29/10 1:17:06 AM] Christmas Dae: true true
[12/29/10 1:17:34 AM] Hasan Malik: And u said that I can always come to you for a reality check
[12/29/10 1:17:44 AM] Christmas Dae: si senor
[12/29/10 1:17:53 AM] Hasan Malik: But problem is I don't even know if u are real
[12/29/10 1:18:11 AM] Christmas Dae: wow
[12/29/10 1:18:15 AM] Christmas Dae: thats kinda wild
[12/29/10 1:18:28 AM] Christmas Dae: idk even knw what to say about that
[12/29/10 1:18:29 AM] Hasan Malik: I talk to people all the time and don't know if they exist or are just figments of my mind projection
[12/29/10 1:18:37 AM] Christmas Dae: are u in a dreamlike state most of the time?
[12/29/10 1:18:45 AM] Hasan Malik: Always
[12/29/10 1:19:05 AM] Hasan Malik: How does one know when they're sleep oppose to awake?
[12/29/10 1:19:06 AM] Christmas Dae: wait wait wait...so u've actually had projections of ur mind take form?
[12/29/10 1:19:25 AM] Christmas Dae: and be so realistic that u confuse it with reality?
[12/29/10 1:20:05 AM] Hasan Malik: Lol see the problem I people don't even listen to the shit they say
[12/29/10 1:20:51 AM] Hasan Malik: U hear people say "mind over matter" all the time or "think it into existence". we always say how we attract things with our mind, and how life is wut we make it. pretty much all movin along the thought process that if you believe it then it will come. which is why people tell you not to keep negative thoughts because they will manifest themselves. well all that shit sounds like pretty words and nice advice until you ask urself. wait does this shit only work when i want sumthin good to happen or is it always on? does positive thinkin just get me the new car? or does it create the traffic in the mornin, and make me late for work, as well as get you into that argument u knew u were gona have with ur parents
[12/29/10 1:24:54 AM] Hasan Malik: is this life thing just a mental experience as pretty much every philosopher says it is?
[12/29/10 1:26:06 AM] Hasan Malik: and if it is then that means that we are pretty much all one conciseness connected, as bob marley, gandhi, and pretty much every other peaceful poet says
[12/29/10 1:26:17 AM] Hasan Malik: so in that case reality isnt reality
[12/29/10 1:26:25 AM] Hasan Malik: its wut my mind is creating
[12/29/10 1:26:39 AM] Hasan Malik: or should i say "our" mind is creating
[12/29/10 1:26:55 AM] Christmas Dae: but then that would mean that ppl share the same exact thoughts in their minds
[12/29/10 1:26:58 AM] Christmas Dae: with little variation
[12/29/10 1:27:12 AM] Christmas Dae: wouldnt the world be much different if this was entirely true?
[12/29/10 1:28:08 AM] Hasan Malik: not entirely, because as far as you know u are the center of the universe
[12/29/10 1:28:36 AM] Hasan Malik: u've never existed to your knowledge as somebody else
[12/29/10 1:28:51 AM] Hasan Malik: and for all you know im not real
[12/29/10 1:29:07 AM] Hasan Malik: just a figment of your minds eye
[12/29/10 1:29:22 AM] Christmas Dae: but then why would others see you?
[12/29/10 1:29:28 AM] Christmas Dae: would they all be figments as well?
[12/29/10 1:29:31 AM] Hasan Malik: i dont see why not
[12/29/10 1:29:32 AM] Christmas Dae: interacting with one another?
[12/29/10 1:29:39 AM] Christmas Dae: but that's insane
[12/29/10 1:29:45 AM] Hasan Malik: exactly!
[12/29/10 1:29:46 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean i get where you're going
[12/29/10 1:29:49 AM] Christmas Dae: and what you mean
[12/29/10 1:29:51 AM] Christmas Dae: LOL
[12/29/10 1:30:06 AM] Christmas Dae: ...but like this can only apply to a certain extent
[12/29/10 1:30:10 AM] Christmas Dae: im not sure what extent
[12/29/10 1:30:13 AM] Hasan Malik: why is that?
[12/29/10 1:30:29 AM] Christmas Dae: leme think and see if i can explain it....hold up
[12/29/10 1:31:29 AM] Hasan Malik: do u believe that we are a connected conciseness?
[12/29/10 1:31:40 AM] Christmas Dae: nahhh
[12/29/10 1:31:54 AM] Christmas Dae: i recall learning this concept in high school
[12/29/10 1:31:59 AM] Christmas Dae: but found it a bit hard to accept
[12/29/10 1:32:03 AM] Christmas Dae: idk
[12/29/10 1:32:09 AM] Hasan Malik: so give me ur take on it then?
[12/29/10 1:32:09 AM] Christmas Dae: maybe i wasn't as open minded back then
[12/29/10 1:35:02 AM] Christmas Dae: ok my thing is, i can somewhat believe that some of what you thing might come into existence. my mom and grandmother hav given me examples of this happening. but i still thought they wer trippin a bit n it was a matter on coincidence. cuz if all things came into existence then the world wouldn't be the way it was today. unless there was some type of degree or variation in what happens. (not sure if u get what im tryna say) Like, what does it take for something to acually manifest? Does it automatically occur or does it take something other than just a thought?
[12/29/10 1:35:22 AM] Christmas Dae: and if everyone was simply a projection interacting with other projections, then why isn't the world as i see fit?
[12/29/10 1:35:56 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean, if i want something to change, and i want it bad enough then it should be that way because it is so in my mind right?
[12/29/10 1:36:09 AM] Christmas Dae: or am i taking this POV out of context?
[12/29/10 1:36:41 AM] Christmas Dae: if everyone was a projection (which would be rather scary) then why would i imagine someone millions of miles away?
[12/29/10 1:36:58 AM] Christmas Dae: and why would think them to exist in the horrible condition that they're in?
[12/29/10 1:37:29 AM] Christmas Dae: and it's like what dave chappelle said about the writer he met...she said u have to think it to be true
[12/29/10 1:37:45 AM] Christmas Dae: and he's like "try telling that to starving kids in africa."
[12/29/10 1:38:29 AM] Christmas Dae: how u gona tell em "well the problem is that you're not thinking properly...u have to believe that you are hungry and that you'll get food." (or something in that nature, im sure u've seen )
[12/29/10 1:38:56 AM] Christmas Dae: and i was like "yea that does sound rather odd. cuz then more ppl would have what they want in life."
[12/29/10 1:39:21 AM] Christmas Dae: and there woudn'y be as much suffering
[12/29/10 1:39:36 AM] Christmas Dae: ....unless there's someone out there that wants suffering to exist
[12/29/10 1:39:47 AM] Christmas Dae: but then it goes back to my previous question
[12/29/10 1:39:55 AM] Christmas Dae: what makes a thought manifest?
[12/29/10 1:40:05 AM] Christmas Dae: what does it take?
[12/29/10 1:40:19 AM] Christmas Dae: does it just occur automatically? or does it take something more?
[12/29/10 1:40:24 AM] Christmas Dae: .......and im done, lol
[12/29/10 1:40:36 AM] Christmas Dae: sorry for the long ass essay u had to read
[12/29/10 1:41:12 AM] Hasan Malik: its not a matter of someone wanting suffering to exist. its a matter of how you said before everything needs balance. joy would have no meanin without pain.
[12/29/10 1:41:27 AM] Christmas Dae: not true
[12/29/10 1:41:35 AM] Christmas Dae: ppl might take it for granted
[12/29/10 1:41:43 AM] Christmas Dae: but it doesnt mean it would have no meaing at all
[12/29/10 1:41:58 AM] Christmas Dae: but if everyone lived in a utopia
[12/29/10 1:42:03 AM] Christmas Dae: why must there be pain?
[12/29/10 1:42:11 AM] Christmas Dae: or extreme pain i shud say
[12/29/10 1:42:14 AM] Hasan Malik: where is the balance?
[12/29/10 1:42:32 AM] Hasan Malik: in a utopia everyone is happy
[12/29/10 1:42:35 AM] Christmas Dae: if everyone is equal then isnt that a balance?
[12/29/10 1:42:38 AM] Christmas Dae: within itself
[12/29/10 1:42:50 AM] Hasan Malik: i can think of one error in that already
[12/29/10 1:42:57 AM] Christmas Dae: yea me too
[12/29/10 1:42:58 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:43:00 AM] Hasan Malik: everyone cant always be happy
[12/29/10 1:43:06 AM] Hasan Malik: people have to die
[12/29/10 1:43:10 AM] Christmas Dae: but then thatz a balance
[12/29/10 1:43:27 AM] Hasan Malik: and even if they're aren't murdered and just die of old age somebody is gona be sad
[12/29/10 1:43:37 AM] Christmas Dae: ok, but thatz life
[12/29/10 1:43:38 AM] Hasan Malik: saddness is pain
[12/29/10 1:43:48 AM] Christmas Dae: i understand that
[12/29/10 1:43:54 AM] Christmas Dae: but thatz the pain im saying is acceptable
[12/29/10 1:44:00 AM] Christmas Dae: simply cuz itz a part of life
[12/29/10 1:44:01 AM] Hasan Malik: lmoa
[12/29/10 1:44:10 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz why i said live without extreme pain
[12/29/10 1:44:20 AM] Christmas Dae: giv me a minute....
[12/29/10 1:44:41 AM] Hasan Malik: wut about the people who slip and fall into fiery vats the day before their wedding?
[12/29/10 1:44:54 AM] Christmas Dae: lmao
[12/29/10 1:44:55 AM] Christmas Dae: damn
[12/29/10 1:44:57 AM] Hasan Malik: lol it wasnt murder just a wet floor
[12/29/10 1:45:11 AM] Christmas Dae: but murder is extreme
[12/29/10 1:45:15 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz an accident
[12/29/10 1:45:20 AM] Christmas Dae: and accidents happen
[12/29/10 1:45:48 AM] Christmas Dae: i think im kinda choosing the wrong words cuz im typing quickly
[12/29/10 1:45:52 AM] Hasan Malik: a plane accidently crashes into two towers and kills 30 thousand people
[12/29/10 1:45:58 AM] Christmas Dae: n im choosing the 1st thing that comes to mind
[12/29/10 1:46:15 AM] Christmas Dae: no
[12/29/10 1:46:16 AM] Hasan Malik: "oops my mistake" and everything is all better now?
[12/29/10 1:46:26 AM] Christmas Dae: cuz if the pilot has a positive mind that he will land
[12/29/10 1:46:31 AM] Christmas Dae: then the accident wont happen
[12/29/10 1:46:32 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:46:33 AM] Christmas Dae: right?
[12/29/10 1:46:49 AM] Hasan Malik: is not about positive and negaitve
[12/29/10 1:47:04 AM] Christmas Dae: mmkay...then epxlain
[12/29/10 1:47:09 AM] Hasan Malik: that shit doesnt work the way they advertise, i never claimed that iit did
[12/29/10 1:47:37 AM] Hasan Malik: i believe its about pushes and pulls
[12/29/10 1:48:07 AM] Hasan Malik: in nature thats how things operate pushes and pulls
[12/29/10 1:48:13 AM] Christmas Dae: true
[12/29/10 1:48:37 AM] Hasan Malik: the moon pushes the tide in and out, gravity pulls things down
[12/29/10 1:48:51 AM] Hasan Malik: i believe that thoughts are the same way
[12/29/10 1:49:23 AM] Hasan Malik: but its not just ur thoughts, imagine urself as one nerve cell in a brain
[12/29/10 1:49:24 AM] Christmas Dae: how so?
[12/29/10 1:49:41 AM] Hasan Malik: u push and pull with all that is around u
[12/29/10 1:49:52 AM] Christmas Dae: are u saying that there's a balance in one's thoughts or a balance in everyone's thoughts combined?
[12/29/10 1:50:04 AM] Hasan Malik: they say surround urself with positive people and positive things come to you
[12/29/10 1:50:16 AM] Christmas Dae: ok i get it now
[12/29/10 1:50:23 AM] Christmas Dae: i just read the brain line
[12/29/10 1:50:36 AM] Christmas Dae: kinda like a network
[12/29/10 1:50:38 AM] Christmas Dae: in a way
[12/29/10 1:50:59 AM] Hasan Malik: if you have a bad section in the brain, its gona be very hard for a positive nerve to survive
[12/29/10 1:51:38 AM] Hasan Malik: so when shit is goin wrong, u cant just imagine shit right and it appears
[12/29/10 1:51:49 AM] Hasan Malik: mostly because we imagine the wrong shit
[12/29/10 1:52:13 AM] Hasan Malik: u have to change ur surroundings. most times we just wish for things
[12/29/10 1:52:38 AM] Hasan Malik: "things" are like new parts in a fucked up car
[12/29/10 1:53:15 AM] Hasan Malik: if you get one new "thing" its only gona get fucked up by the other things around it
[12/29/10 1:53:27 AM] Hasan Malik: u gotta change where u are first
[12/29/10 1:53:49 AM] Hasan Malik: and i dont believe its just imagining that gets it done
[12/29/10 1:54:08 AM] Hasan Malik: "thought turns into action" is the part that "the secret" leaves out
[12/29/10 1:54:46 AM] Hasan Malik: if ur in a room surrounded by people you dont like wuts the first step u take?
[12/29/10 1:55:00 AM] Hasan Malik: u realize that you dont like ur surrounds
[12/29/10 1:55:16 AM] Hasan Malik: then you think about where you'd rather be, and who u rather be with
[12/29/10 1:55:32 AM] Hasan Malik: most people just stop there and are mad for the rest of the night
[12/29/10 1:55:42 AM] Hasan Malik: but u have to turn thought into action
[12/29/10 1:55:52 AM] Christmas Dae: heck yea, i'd leave
[12/29/10 1:55:59 AM] Christmas Dae: but i see what u mean
[12/29/10 1:56:04 AM] Hasan Malik: by getting on ur feet and moving to that place u imagined in ur head
[12/29/10 1:56:12 AM] Christmas Dae: never looked at life as whole in that way
[12/29/10 1:56:18 AM] Christmas Dae: cuz sometimes its not as easy
[12/29/10 1:56:22 AM] Hasan Malik: but thats it, it not magic
[12/29/10 1:56:37 AM] Hasan Malik: people look at "the secret" and are like wow its gona be like magic
[12/29/10 1:56:40 AM] Hasan Malik: no it isnt
[12/29/10 1:56:56 AM] Hasan Malik: its about seeing urself where u wana be and putting urself there
[12/29/10 1:57:36 AM] Hasan Malik: and it about keepin that thought until ur there, cuz if you lose that thought then anything can take its place
[12/29/10 1:59:04 AM] Hasan Malik: like once u decide to leave the party and u start walkin to the door, ur now in the process of changin ur surrounding, but wut if sumone grabs ur arm and starts tryna get at u, if you allow them to distract you from ur original goal, ur realize ten mins later that your still at this damn party that you hate
[12/29/10 2:00:02 AM] Hasan Malik: so when you say its not that simple it really is, the ones in power have know how easy it is for a long time now
[12/29/10 2:00:18 AM] Hasan Malik: and they work so hard keeping that information away from us
[12/29/10 2:00:33 AM] Hasan Malik: which is why they give us half truths like "the secret"
[12/29/10 2:00:48 AM] Hasan Malik: and movies like angels and demons and 2012 and shit
[12/29/10 2:01:11 AM] Hasan Malik: if we feel like we know sumthin then we dont ask questions
[12/29/10 2:01:37 AM] Hasan Malik: believe none of wut you see, and none of wut you hear
[12/29/10 2:07:54 AM] Hasan Malik: ...and on that note i need to go smoke

In an unrelated but seems to fit kinda way...Dave Chappelle

My soul is tired,signing off
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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Happy Platypus Day!

So as I sit in this here Starbucks stealing their free wifi (is it stealing if it's free?) and not actually intending on being a paying customer, I'm looking at today's date...It is this platypus's first birthday! It has been one year since I started using this here patch to rant and rave about randomness, one year since I first admitted to you beautiful people that my soul itched. And it seems like just yesterday that I was writing letters about red puzzle pieces and scratching nostalgia. It's been a beautiful journey and I've gotten so much feedback from all of you who are officially itchy souls. To date this platy patch has had 12,193 page views, 8,864 visitors, 78 followers, a total of 33 post (including this one), and ya'll have been clicking from all over the world (Platypus World Wide!!!) New York, California, Atlanta, Singapore, Barcelona, London, Jedah, and a bunch of other places I've never heard of but am so happy that my words could reach. I really didn't think this would catch on the way it did honestly. I didn't think anybody would give two rats asses and a biscuit about what I thought or had to say. But you guys have followed, quoted, and made this whole thing so much fun for me.
Somebody asked me once who is the awkward platypus. And I told them whoever it was he's a freaking genius. As any good writer will tell you, I can't take credit for these words that you've enjoyed on this hear blog. I've had several post on here, that while writing I honestly don't know where the words came from. I'll like drift off in thought come back to and there's this poem sitting in front of me, with all of these uplifting and inspirational words. And I be like huh? Where this come from?!? Honestly there's times when I'll go back and read old post and be like "damn I can use this in my life right now! Who ever wrote this shit is a genius!" Then I'll realize oh yea I wrote this, then I'll pat myself on the back, lol.
I have to say that I've done a lot of growing and learned a lot over this past year. I think back to the night I wrote my first post, and where I was in my life. And so many things have changed all for the better, I no longer believe in "for worst" because everything that happens can be learned from, life is a positive experience.
I really wish I wasn't currently so scattered brain at this moment so I could actually focus on this post, but as things in my life have changed so have my priorities. And I'm currently in the process of taking life SAT's, standard test after scantron, and ten page essays...but I'm passing and I'll come out the other end stronger and much prettier (*kanye shrug*)
But any who I'd like to invite you all (old members and new) the browse my blog from November to November. See if anything new jumps out at you. And let me know which post is your favorite, I love hearing from you souls of itchiness. So give me feed back! (dammit!) let me know from your point of view how this blog has affected your journey over this past year, I'd love to know. Has it gotten worst? Better? Is it old news now? Let me know your thoughts.
I know that I've been posting a lot of poems lately, It's just that at this time in life that seems to be the best way for me to communicate the way I'm feeling. But don't worry I'm sure that those rants and randomness will be back soon enough. But until then...

My soul itches,signing off
till next time
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

People Ask Me Why I Don't Slam

I don't slam because
slamming is a violent act
I'm a love poet.

Ha..Ha..Haiku!...Bless you,signing off
till next time
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


In the night I hear them talk
The coldest story ever told
Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul
To a women so heartless
How could she be so heartless...

Isn't it beautiful?
How a relationship that you worked 365 plus days to create,
can be destroyed in one conversation,
...one text,
...one message on facebook

Fate had crossed our paths so gorgeously,
like vines intertwined up the side of an old church
she saw me, then i saw her
...but i think i saw her first
...but who knows she might have beaten me to the glance
either way we talked for hours.
Our conversations had much ado about nothing,
but we both knew that these moments that we shared discussing how we both despised what the old Nickelodeon had become.
It went from being 'all that', to this garbage that they use to brainwash children with,
would one day grow, into a tall beautiful oak, who's roots were deeply connected to the earths core.
Little did we know, that we'd mistakenly planted seeds for a weeping willow.
But in the moment it was so perfect.
I mean she was bad.
Brains so beautiful that you could stare at them for hours,
she had these mind boggling powers,
and the ability to make smart look sexy...
But she instantly became as hideous as Medusa the moment she decided to believe his word over mine...

But I'm getting ahead of myself, anyway let me get back to the story

We flirted like squirrels chasing each other up and down tree trunks over acorns.
We kissed like jelly fish, tentacles wrapped so tightly around each other that the jaws of life stood no chance at separating us.
We loved like Noah and Alley, we had notebook dreams.
We laid under the stop light on George St. interrupted by nothing other than the shuttle bus nearly killing us.
We danced to no music, both wanting nothing more than our bodies crippled with age, but drinking each others juices which were our elixirs of life.
Laid up in a bed somewhere, cradled in each others arms like a mother and her new born,
both prepared to transcend into the next lifetime together.
Sadly things didn't turn out this way

I wanted to love her for an eternity.
But every time I extended my hand to her she always found a reason as to why we couldn't be.
I think it had something to do with my occupational choices,
clearly her father didn't think that a starving artist was suitable to take care of his daughter.
Of course she denied these accusations, but as soon as someone came along who fit the description,
...they were together
We decided to remain best friends.
Even though i wanted to run, break free of her shackles and follow the brightest star towards freedom.
But every time I did she always found some way to return me to the plantation,
...I've got a cherry tree on my back to prove it.
So I had to sit there, and watch him do what I knew that I could do better.
I'm not being cocky, she told me this.
But then again she told me a lot of things.
She told me that she loved me,
she told me that as soon as she was down using him for what ever it was she was using him for we'd be together.
I guess that should have been my first red flag.
I didn't realize that I was the one being used.
You see he was 99.9% the perfect boyfriend,
but whenever she wanted somebody to blow out her back she'd call me.
And since I was an artist I guess he thought I was "the gay friend"...
But he slowly came around to realizing the truth.
She once told that she'd never let anything come between us, but that's exactly what she did.
She knew what she wanted,
and when I was no longer convenient, I was tossed to the side, like the rag doll of a growing girl who was suddenly becoming most interested in boys.
It has taking this sheppard over a year and a half to right this poem,
because I refused to see her for what she really was
...A wolf, in sheep's clothing
Who went after what she wanted and got it.
But I'd like to retract my earlier statement,
because she's nothing close to heartless.
Because she still has mine, ripped out of my abdominal and store in a treasure chest buried probably right next to Davy Jones.
She was my Calypso.
And now I'm just a sailor lost at sea, looking for a light house to lead me home.
But they say home is where the heart is,
so since I no longer have one.
Does that make me forever homeless?

Finding my heart all over again..., signing off
till next time
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Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling Myself...

Male, is my penis

As a baby I would fondle with it for hours not knowing the pain that it would inflict later on the beautiful sisters I would encounter
Not knowing that I would see its image recreated and sculpted as one of this countries great symbols
The Washington Monument is my penis times two on display for all to see from miles away,
the water in front of it represents all the the semen I’ve discharged over the years, mixed in is tears from those same sisters who've had to rebuild after the damage and destruction caused by my nuclear warhead

Male, is my penis

And even though I’ve seen its wrath at its full potential, I still can't stop fondling it...

Idle hands are the devils playground, signing off
till next time
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Stuck Between a Rock N' Rose

Howdy to all my fellow Platypi out there. I hope life is treating you to love yourselves more and more each day. Because if you don't, you can't be sure someone else will. I find myself tonight sending much LOVE and LIGHT to a beautiful soul who inspires me more than she probably even knows. I can honestly say that I am a groupie of this woman. I tell her all the time that I listen to her songs over and over on youtube, I'm not sure if she thinks I'm joking or not but like dead ass I have listened to this woman for entire days. Not only is her voice amazing but I think that there is a certain amount of integrity that an artist has to have in order for me to even actually like them. And I've had conversations with this woman and her soul is just so beautifully radiant. Her words vibrate off of the itchy spots on my soul and put my existence at ease (not even exaggerating). So Shea is her first name, Rose is her last and I'm sending her light tonight because she's at a moment of rediscovering the flower in her voice. And I believe she'll get through it just fine, but support is what I promised her and intend on being a platypus of my word. But before I continue any further I'd like to give you a taste of this lovely Rose...

"You'll Never Fade"
I'll meet you in the chambers of your heart
If your light were to fade,
I'd massage the walls till they were strong enough beat new shine
I'd never fear you falling silent
Because your voice is that of mother earth
Your vocal chords kiss each other and sound like mountains being born
...sound like the click, click, snapping of new galaxies
...sound like god's smile
...(if god's smile made a sound that is [which I'm sure it does])
I promise I'd inhale your essence until we were one
Breathe you?
Shoot, I'd Be You
You, I
We, One
Loving you would be as easy as smiling at my reflection
If your LIGHT fades
HEART breaks
The world could slip as far away as it wanted to,
Because I've already built you a garden to live in behind the twinkle in my eye
My INNER JOY would be to memorize your MUSIC and record it on my soul
So that all you'd have to do is look inside of me for yourself
Walking with you hand in hand down this road, I want to learn to become your only habit
If your heart ever happened to shatter into thousands of pieces
I'd sit with a stick of Elmer's glue, and piece you back together till we were whole again
If your LIGHT fades
HEART breaks
The world could slip as far away as it wanted to,
Because I've already built you a garden to live in behind the twinkle in my eye
My INNER JOY would be to memorize your MUSIC and record it on my soul
So that all you'd have to do is look inside of me for yourself
But to answer your question. Yes.
I will be the LIGHT at the end of your darkest days...

I told you that this woman inspires me! Honestly a beautiful soul if I've ever met one! If you haven't heard of her, I advise you to learn. Rock n' Rose! Yes, you read me correctly this woman rocks out as well! With an afro big enough to make Angel Davis walk by, turn around a say "Wooow!!"

So I hope that you lovely souls have been enjoying this post and this Queen and her glowing energy. If so just keep her and her precious voice in your thoughts and send positive LIGHT. Thank you! I love all of you! And I know that I can count on you guys. And Shea you already know the deal lady, I've already given you my three cents...enough said. Get better soon!
But I think I'ma leave you guys with my favorite unfinished sound by this woman. And I'ma keep bugging her until she actually finishes it and sings it to me in person. But this song (snippet of a song) has helped me clear my head and settle my thoughts many many times. I hope you enjoy...

I don't believe it was a coincidence we met on Symphony, signing off
till next time
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Space and Stars

I want to take your heart by the hand and go on a stroll through Central Park. I want to ask what's been on it lately. It's been awhile since I've gotten alone time with it, I want to listen to it's troubles and understand it's pain. Because lately I've been confused, and kept in the dark. I want it to beat it's stories of heart ache in my ear as we sit in a myth of a gazebo that we've only been in once before.
My heart has actually gone into cardiac arrest several times in the past three weeks. The doctors have been saying they don't know how much longer he can hold on...Lol but you already know how stubborn he can be. I never thought I'd see him in the state he's been in lately. I've tried to reason with him but he's not having it. He refuses to eat any of the logic that the nurses bring in for him. He says he knows what he needs, and that he stored it away in one of the chambers of your heart. The doctors seem to think that he gave a vital piece of himself to your heart. And they advised him that he should probably find a way to get it back. But he refuses, it was a gift and he will not be known as an Indian giver. The doctors have also advised him against his outer space trips to northern stars, in his condition they just don't think it to be wise. He grabbed my arm and said to me that the stars are the only things keeping him alive right now.
I know you've been dealing with a lot lately, but if you could find it in yourself to stop by and visit him before he passes on I know it would mean the world to him. But if not he told me that he'd be looking down at you from the nebula so that you could be sure that someone was always looking out for you.

Headed into the O.R. for open heart surgery, signing off
till next time
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Leter From Moi

Hello all you itchy platypi out there, I'm glad that many of you were tickled by my last post to the objects who lack vocal cords out there. I was very pleased to get feedback from a lot of you telling me your favorite lines from the poem. Good thing too, that most of ya'll enjoyed it because that poem along with a few other post and poems will be available for purchase later on this year when my freshman album entitled 'This Title Has Nothing To Do With This Cd' drops in the later months of 2010. I've been putting a lot of work into this project and I'm pretty sure that it's destined for greatness. I've partnered of with a childhood teammate of mine William Wells, who continues to produce the most ridiculous tracks that I've ever encountered. He never fails to top the last great thing that he's done. It just couldn't be and more perfect a combination, honestly. So I'm really looking forward to the release of my album and the cross globe tour that will follow, and hopefully so are you. And since I'm so giddie and ready for it to be here already. I'm gona give you folk, my loyal platypumpkins a sneak snippet preview of the first single off the album. Some of you have heard this poem before, but you've never heard it like this, which is why I'm positive you'll soon be as excited as I am. But please enjoy! (AND COMMENT!!!!) I'll keep you updated as the project develops in the random greatness I'm planning for it to be.
A Letter to Queens - Hasan Malik (Produced by William F. Wells) by IamPlatypusPrime

A Letter to Queens

This is a letter, to the beautiful ebony skinned, even ivory Queens
who sit up on their throwns and demand nothing but respect

Let me be your king, allow me to command my troops to protect and serve you how my mother taught me I should.
Because I'm not sure if you realize how precious you are, but you give birth to nations
my son will know when he's met his princess because her heart will be an exact replica of his mothers smile
a smile so powerful that it could bring King Kong to his knees
but so subtle that it can wipe away the tears from any bad dream or nightmare
because of you he will know what his duties are
because of my mother i know mine
this thing that we share is not a dictatorship, we're partners...
no scratch that, this is a tag team duo
you can be 'Animal' and I'll be 'The Hawk'
and in this ring we'll be known as 'The Legion of Doom', body slamming our way through hard times
and if a rough day ever gets me in a choke hold that I can't get out of, I will crawl across that canvas inch by inch towards your outstretched hand
and together we will show this thing called life what the 'Dooms Day Device' is all about.
Haven't you ever wondered why behind every strong man, there's an equally powerful women?
Its because, you're my energy source.
If you didn't wake up and shine so brightly every morning my petals would have no light to reach for.
We are photosynthesis in its most beautiful form,
our love creates colorful dreams that little blind children can play in during recess,
but it takes a responsible mothers loving, to remember to pack sunshine in their ninja turtle book bag so that they can enjoy it later during lunchtime
but don't worry, all of your hard work will be rewarded
after slaving a long day, i will massage the knots out of the family tree that you carry on your back,
using my fingers as archaeologist searching for the bones that hold the most secrets...
you are a mirror image of mother earth
global warming is nothing more than you going through hot flashes
see there's a reason why we're tryna save the polar bears
because us men have cut down your rain forest, which were once your beautifully flowing locs
and permed them out flat to make paper for far too long
and I'm just so tired of seeing the ice caps melting in your eyes
because without you, there'd be no me
I mean I'd be here but I'd just be floating around in space lost with no direction
so fellas its time for us to start thinking with our hearts instead of our erections
because none of our leaders of today would be anywhere if it wasn't for the women backing them
from Betty Shabazz to Michelle Obama
Coretta Scott
...King could not have built his dreams as high as he did, if he did not have the proper foundation supporting him
so i will continue to right letters like these
until the proper heirs to the throwns return to their seats,

And in closing
I'd like to apologize for taking part in destroying your beautiful image, and downgrading you to nothing more than a video vixen

Sincerely yours,
a young black man in training

mother, I love you

Awkward is the new normal...platypus is the new purple, signing off
till next time
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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Ode to Inanimate Objects

I image that while I'm sleeping my pillow takes on the persona of a girl during uneventful sex...just laying there waiting patiently until I'm done. No wonder I tend to wake up some what embarrassed...

I looked down and seen my shoelaces trying to strangle themselves...they are now on suicide watch. My sneakers need them to hold it together...Vans have it so easy...

Doors are like the unfortunate puppy who gets kicked right when you get home after having been fired. They never have anything to do with the argument but they always seem to end up getting slammed...no wonder older hinges seem to scream from years of domestic abuse...smh...do better people...

clothes are like naked friends of mine who don't mind covering my bare body with their nudity...true friends if you ask me...except some of my shirts are a lil shy so I sometimes have to cover them up with a jacket...

I've never met a mirror secure enough to be itself when I'm around. I know that it's not always like that, but when ever I come around it always shows me what its thinks I wana see...come on buddy be yourself for once, show me what you look like when no ones around...

What does a condom tucked away in a virgins wallet and George Bush have in common? They sit around for a really long time doing nothing, and when you finally to reach for it, it’s old, dry, wrinkly, and doesn’t even work...

Chairs can’t say anything about having to smell ass all day, because they have their feet in the floors face 24/7...

Tears are like kamikaze whose sole mission is to moisturize the floor by any means necessary. Watch out for fingers and tissues you little hydrated terrorist...

The other day my alarm didn’t go off, I punished my irresponsible clock by setting it to the wrong time. I figured a day of trying to play pointless catch up should teach it a lesson. I came back to discover that it was on the right time. Come to find out the damn thing is faster than I thought...

I’ve decided to start washing all my clothes together. I feel as though King’s death was for nothing if I don’t allow my little black socks and black shirts to join in the wash with little white underwear and white undershirts. Don’t judged my shirt by the color of it’s fabric but by the content and detail of the characters in its logo...

Fog is like the penguin of the cloud family, all the characteristics of it’s brothers and sisters but just hasn’t yet figured out how to get off the ground. Keep your head up little buddy, we’ve got a black president, you can do anything you put your mind to...

Im not sure what the exact ingredients of love potion no. 9 is, but I’m almost certain that saxophone has to be one of them. I’ve never met a saxophone whose baby I wouldn’t have...

I feel bad for the wheel, It’s just chilling minding its own business, and everyone keeps tryna reinvent it, as if it doesn’t already work. My mother always told me if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Science has giving dirt a pretty bad reputation, I mean even Kobe has gotten passed the whole white girl in the hotel thing. But idk, post dark ages I’m not sure if dirt can ever fully make a come back...

Knuckles are like MC's, rapping lyrics of "let me in" to you through the door. Hoping that the knock of their bass will inspire your hands to welcome them with a knobs twist...

Everything has a heartbeat...just listen for the pulse, signing off
till next time
stay random

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Love My Berta and Rosie Early in the Mornin

So this morning I found myself laying in the bed not really wanting to get up. Just being lazier than I shoulda been since I's got's stuff ta get done. I finally got up but then was moving slower than one who has stuff to get finish should be moving. Then I came across a video that a fellow blogger and dope photographer (shameless plug>>>check him out http://sirrealphoto.blogspot.com/) Mr. WordSmith had posted from August Wilson's 'Piano Lesson', and it got me thinking of how no more than sixty years ago black men didn't have the luxury to choose to be lazy and lay in bed just a few more hours. And I shouldn't be taking opportunity for granted. So I been getting work done and playing these songs all morning to keep me going and to be my reminder of what my people went through, but also to realize how even in the hardest of times they still were able to create something so beautiful.

Berta, BertaBerta, Berta

Go ahead and marry don't ya wait on me
oh, ha
Go ahead and marry don't ya wait on me
Well now
Might not want ya when I go free
oh, ha
Might not want ya when I go free
Well now
Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, oh ha,
Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, well now (2x)

Raise em up higher let em drop on down (2x)

Well, don't know no difference When the sun goes down (x2)

Well, Berta in Meridian And she livin' at ease(x2)

I'm on ol Parchment, got ta, work on lead

Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, oh ha,
Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, well now (2x)

When you marry don't-ya marry a farming man
Every day a Monday hoe-hammer in your hand

When you marry, marry a railroad man
Every day a Sunay dollar in your hand

Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, oh ha,
Oh Alberta, Berta, oh, Lord gal, well now (2x)

Early in the Mornin'

Early in the Mornin'

Well, it's early in the mor--in the mornin'
Baby, when I rise, Lordy mama,
Well, it's early every mor--in the mornin'
A-baby when I rise well-a.
Well-a, when I rise, well-a,
Well-a it's early in the mor-in the mornin'
Baby, when I rise, Lordy baby,
You have-it's I have a misery, Berta,
Wa-, in my right side, well-a,
R-in-a my right side, Lordy baby,
R-in-a my right side, Lordy sugar.
Well it's I have a misery, Berta,
R-in a my right side, well-a.

Well-a, it's-a, Lordy, Ro-Lordy-Berta,
Well, it's Lord (you keep a-talkin'), babe,
Well, it's Lord, Ro-Lordy-Rosie,
Well, it's, o Lord, Gal, well-a.

Well-a, whosonever told it, that he told a-
He told a dirty lie, babe.
Well-a, whosonever told it, that he told a-
He told a dirty lie, well-a.
Well-a, whosonever told it, that he told a-
He told a dirty lie, babe.
Well the eagle on the dollar-quarter,
He gonna rise and fly, well-a.
He gonna rise and fly, sugar.
He gonna rise and fly, well-a.
Well the eagle on the dollar-quarter,
He gonna rise and fly, well-a.


Well, rocks 'n gravel make-a,
Make a solid road, sugar.
Well-a, it takes-a rocks-a, gravel make-a--
To make a solid road, well-a.
It takes-a rocks-a, gravel make a--
To make a solid road, well-a.
It takes a good-lookin' woman to make-a--
To make a good-lookin' whore, well-a,
It takes a good-lookin' woman, Lord, Baby,
To make a good-lookin' whore, Lord, sugar,
It takes a good lookin' woman to make-a,
To make a good lookin' whore, well-a.


Boys, the peckerwood a-peckin' on the--
On the schoolhouse door, sugar.
Well, the peckerwood a-peckin' on the--
R-on the schoolhouse door, well-a.
Well, the peckerwood a-peckin' on the--
On the schoolhouse door, sugar.
Well he pecks so hard, Lordy, baby,
Until his pecker got sore, well-a,
Until his pecker got sore, Lordy, baby,
Until his pecker got sore, Lord, sugar.
Well he pecks so hard, Lord, mama,
Until his pecker got sure, well-a.


Well, hain't been to Georgia, boys, but,
Well, it's I been told, sugar.
Well, hain't been to Georgia, Georgia.
But, it's I been told, well-a.
Well, haint been to Georgia, Georgia.
But, it's I been told, Lord, mama.



Be my woman, gal, I be your man,
Be my woman, gal, I be your man,
Be my woman, gal, I be your man.
Every day is Sunday´s dollar in your hand.
In your hand, Lordy, in your hand.
Every day is Sunday´s dollar in your hand.
Stick to the promise, gal, that you made me.(3x)
Wasn´t gonna marry me till-a I go free,
I go free, Lordy, I go free,
Wasn´t gonna marry me till-a I go free.

Chorus: Wo -- Rosie, o Lord, gal, Wo -- Rosie, o Lord, gal.

When she walks, she reels and rocks behind,

When she walks, she reels and rocks behind,

Ain´t that enough to worry convict´s mind.

Ain´t that enough to worry convict´s mind.

Chorus: Wo -- Rosie, o Lord, gal, Wo -- Rosie, o Lord, gal.

Be my woman, gal, I be your man, (3x)

Every day Sunday´s dolar in your hand. (Chorus)

It's not the physical shackles that scare me...signing off
till next time
stay random

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Monday, August 16, 2010

I've Gotta Awkwardly Get this Off My Chest

Alright people let's talk about this for a second. Because honestly I'm disappointed in all of us right about now. I had to take a long hard look in the mirror today and ask myself what was really going on. Am I really letting myself get swept up into the frenzy of it all? I've worked very hard over the years to stand alone or at least stand with the few who dared to be different. Following the crowd has never been cool, come on now awkwardness all day, right? So you have to understand the shameful place that I found myself in earlier today.
Now people I have to warn you, that there is a demon out there, a demon whose sole purpose is to destroy as many of us as it can. And trust me this is a force far more powerful than anything I've seen in a long time! Stronger than them cocaine filled "4 Locos" that come in convenient negro loving flavors like "Watermelon" and "Orange Stuff". It's even worst than suddenly realizing that you've been humming "short bus shawty" at random moments throughout the day. The evil force that I speak of is known as WSHH a.k.a. "World Star Hip Hop.com". Now I've known about the existence of this website for some time now, but never really needed to visit it for anything major, I was always able to find things pretty fine on Youtube when I needed to. So when a very beautiful young lady (who I hold completely responsible for my addiction to the site) introduced me to the website you can image the shock that it had on my system. Never have I visited a place that just had page after page of niggerdom at it's finest moments. Without fail you can count on WSHH to have some video of some random group of African American youth in some lower income area, brawling in the streets pulling out eachothers hair and defecating on themselves. And if that's not your twist you've got a pretty much guaranteed chance of seeing a video of Gucci Mane's newest video of the hour about sex, money, and jibberish all filmed in the same strip club as all his other videos. And for some strange god awful reason you can almost always find porn star "B. Pumper" aggressively rapping (more like yelling) about having violent sex....(really though Brian?!? Like nobody knows that already...you just gotta make song after song about it???). It's really quite terrifying if you look at the number of hits some of these videos get in the matter of seconds of them being posted. And it's really like crack!!! Those of you familiar with this website know exactly what I'm talking about, you sit down at your computer and tell yourself "Ok, I'ma just watch a few videos you know get a lil chuckle on then I'll go do something productive with my life...WRONG!!!! Nothing productive ever comes after WSHH!!! It's an oxymoron, it doesn't happen!!!, the website just takes and takes and takes until you look up and realize you're whole life just passed you by!! (I'm sorry I'm having a lil moment here, this website has gotten me all emotional, you know. Ms. Wallace I blame you!!)
But you know what it's really not my place to judge, if its entertaining and people enjoy it. Then who am I to really tell individuals what the should and shouldn't be doing with their time. But we do have to understand what it's doing to us, it's changing us. We are becoming desensitized by the nonstop ignorance. And I'm scared, I am so scared to see what we're becoming.
So what actually sparked this whole rant (in case you were wondering), was a young man who I happened to stumbled upon by the name of Antonio Henderson-Davis, some of you may know him as 50 Tyson. Now I'll admit when I first watched one of his videos I couldn't stop laughing, it was ridiculous the things he was saying, too much for my senses. I wasn't sure if he was being serious or not, it very much reminded me of a Lil B video (who I'm still determined can't possibly be serious. A "Pretty Bitch" though?!?! How do you possibly feel proud about coming up with this stuff???). So I had my laughs, I thought it was hilarious that he couldn't remember what number comes after 16, like this was brilliant. Or that apparently at the beginning and end of every video we are asked to go to the stores and pick up a clearly non-existent cd. But then something clicked for me in the middle of reading the comments, watching the parodies by Kevin Heart and other youtubers. I realized that this boy is clearly autistic and is trying very hard to express himself. And the sad thing is the he actually sounds like he could fit right in on a mixtape with Wacka Flocka Flame, OJ Da Juice Man, and Gucci Mane Laflare. The only difference is that this kid has an actual reason for sounding the way that he does. So I had to ask myself is this what we've become? Energy sucking monsters? Because that's what all the laughing and jokes do, they drain, like vampires (or as Kanye used to say "Dream Killers"). Have we really gotten to the point where we are making fun of autism? And the crazy part of it, is that through it all 50 Tyson has stayed so positive, he's constantly talking about how people keep calling him ugly, and he says "but it's your personality that really counts, whats on the inside". I mean really people what are we doing? And I'm not pointing the finger at anyone, because as I said I had to check myself too. But we've gotta do better than this, this is all just mob mentality from high school laughing at a mentally challenged kid to make ourselves feel better. We have to ask ourselves, why? What is World Star doing to us? Why am I really watching a boy beat the shit out of his elderly bus driver? Why did I really just sitting through 3 mins and 39 secs of a 4 year old boy rapping and cursing like Gucci Mane? Why is it that Victor Steen a 17 year old boy get's tasered, ran over, and murdered by a police officer and the first time I'm hearing about it is on World Star?
You know me people I'm never telling anybody what to do, or what to believe in. Today I'm merely begging you to look in the mirror and ask yourself the questions.

The moment we become numb to pain is when we've lost, signing off
till next time
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Monday, August 2, 2010

Where's That Darn Platypus Been?!?

Hello souls of awkwardness, hope that you have been lovely and divine in my absence. I've missed you much, just been caught up in life's lil whirlpool of living. And it's been hard for me to unscramble my thoughts and put them down on this here computer for your viewing pleasure. I do hope that you will be able to forgive me :) So what have I learned in my travels you ask? Well life is full of pot holes and speed bumps, and apparently Triple A takes forever and a lifetime to come out and help, so more than likely you been stuck dealing with it yourself (don't worry fixing a flat builds character). I've learned that although you may want something very badly not always does the universe agree, and sometimes your stuck in the passenger seat mad that you couldn't go to the Justin Bieber concert because gOd had other plans for your evening apparently. So it seems the best solution that I've found is to tuck and roll. I learned that from a guy who jumps out of moving vehicles for a living. He says that no jump is ever the same, always something a lil bit different about each. So there is no predicting how you'll land after this one. All you can do is tuck everything in and roll with it. Let life do with you as it pleases, Because it was gona anyway so why fight it? He proved his point be telling me that most drunk passengers in car crashes tend to get up and walk away from them because they were to wasted to brace themselves and there bodies just flowed with the motion. And normally the most they'll suffer from is a few scratches here and there. Tensing up implies that you believe that you can control your bodies movements in a speeding vehicle that weighs close to 4,000 pounds...come on now don't be silly. Wise words from a stunt man i do believe. But in no way do I want for you to be careless in life and just saying "fuck it, i can't lift a car so why bother?". Thinking wisely still applies, seat belts can still make a difference in the outcome of your collisions. So be smart in your journey through this thing called life, because you'll need it. I've also learned that life can be cute if you let it be. If you're not focusing on all the drawlin shit that keeps happening to you. You just might notice how the universe is also throwing you a lil life line to help you out of it (I know it seems insane to accept a flotation device from the very same one that has you drowning in the first place. But hey who else you gona turn to? Death? Nahh death will come one day for all of us, no need to go looking for it). So pay attention to the beautiful coincidences, remember I told you this, you'll smile when you see one. Hmmm I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get my awkwardness back, but as a beautiful queen told me earlier today "things happen in their necessary times". So no need to wonder why it's taken so long, just be happy that it came back now and enjoy its presence because think about how you would've felt had it not had come back at all...
I love all of you, all of you who have made this blog possible. I think I'm end this thought stream here and prepare greatness for next one that I'll give you very soon. Just know that I'm always in awkward thoughts even when I'm not here with you. So I'm never far...

Always learning from mistakes means always growing, signing off
till next time
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Reluctant Leader

I find myself sometimes scared to be great
I don’t fear failure
I fear you
I’m afraid of what you want me to be
My whole life I've been told that I'm a natural born leader
I have the ability to make people believe in what I say
And I inspire action
Governments are terrified of people like me, if I'm not on their side
I disrupt the natural order of things
You see they wouldn’t want their zombies to happen to wake up
If you asked me I could give you a laundry list of things that would probably solve the worlds problems
But I don’t want to be your leader
I don’t want to be a leader
Because leaders get assassinated
No longer could I stand on balconies
When I'm on stage no one in the audience can have pockets
And I wouldn’t dare sit my ass in a convertible
What the fuck is a magic bullet?!
And I don’t blame those in power
Because I fear no man
I blame you
Too damn comfortable to rise
I don’t think you’d make a stand if your chair was on fire
You just sit until some one comes along who is brave enough to be your poster child
You sit and wait until some one is stupid enough comes along to be your scape goat
Then you build him up just to crucify him
I've seen what you did to Jesus
I will not be your messiah
Someone you follow because you agree with my politics
My question is if I go to bat for you
Will you do the same for me?
A leader with followers is nothing in comparison to a room full of leaders
Because if I die you instantly turn into a room full of chickens with no minds of your own
I need potential leaders prepared to step into my place in the event of my absence
But you wont do that
After my death you’ll mark my birthday off on your calendar
And reminisce about all the things that I accomplished
You’ll probably have off from work too, almost as if to add insult to injury

So I wont speak to you about change because that's not what you really want
It’s an idea that you love to fantasize about
But you don’t want it to actually come, because if it did, you’d have noting to complain about
The thing that your leaders have tried to explain to you is that in order to change society you must change yourself

Because of this I can not be your leader
You must lead yourself

They play it safe, and are quick to assassinate, what they do not understand, they move in packs, ingesting more and more fear in every act of fear on one another, they feel most comfortable in groups, less guilt to swallow, they are us, this is what we have become, afraid to respect the individual. A single person with inner circumstance can move one to change to love our-self and evolve.

By any means necessary, signing off,
till next time
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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Way She...

There's nothing more beautiful than watching a black woman...walk
So you don't need six inch heels to lift your calf muscles, you've got the earth for that
Your lips are made of the most precious material known to man
So I take my time and mine till I find the sweetest spot and I suck, so softly
Your hips give birth to motions I never knew existed
So pardon me if you happen to catch my eyes swaying
No disrespect
You'll never catch me yelling down the street "Aye yo Ma"
More than likely you'll find me holding open a door with my head bowed because you are royalty
Queens who will give birth to future Kings
And with your hands made of coco butter and filled with life lessons
You will guide them along their path, and catch them when they fall
Your feet, have carried you forward through more hard times than I can imagine
And have kissed the ground more times then I've kissed my own mother, and I'm not proud of that, so I'm working on it
Next time I see my mom I'll kiss her a hundred times as if they were Hail Marys and I'm begging for forgiveness
Your mind contains all of the secrets of the universe, so playing dumb doesn't look good on you
Your breast, big or small have nourishing powers that no man can claim he possesses
So how dare we throw cosmetic money at you expecting you to fill up a bigger cup
And weave, for what?
God gave you naps for a reason
That shit's kinky
And your face, french kissed by the sun does not need to be mascaraed down or made up
Because in your rawest form I get a glimpse of what god looks like
So Maybelline, why would you wana conceal that?
Colored contacts can't clearly see, they only cover up the windows to you soul
And I'd love to place my elbow on their sills and pear through
It's already been proven that your smile can launch ships and by closing your legs you can end wars
So come on, bring our troops home
And from your back you spread shoulder blade like wings
Almost as if to show you, how fly you really are
I mean for real, once a month from your womb you release potential
And stop saying that your butts too fat...
I don't really have a clever line to put there other than..."you sit on that"
So sistas don't be afraid to be raw
Don't be scared to be who you naturally are
Because you had me from the switch of your thighs
The bend of your knees
And I'd love to be the rotation in your ankles
Cuz like queens your legs carry you with dignity away from unworthy jesters
See what I shoulda told you is that
There is nothing more sexy than watching a black woman...walk

Erykah Badu is a beautiful women, signing off,
till next time
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

21 and I'm Black, Jack!!

Hello Kings and Queens, its Saturday night and Im feeling right. Got a lil bit of money in my pockets and Atlantic City is only a forty five minute drive. It only makes sense to hit up the casino's and play some blackjack (it seems appropriate right?). Don't worry I have a designated driver and all that safe junk, so I can act stupid, I can't promise that I wont get locked up for being black and drunk though. So who knows my next entry might be from a holding cell...lol. So the Borgata seems like the place to be tonight, I can get my gamble on then head upstairs to the Roots after party, tonight should be a stupid night!!!
So for those of you who won't be having as much fun tonight, don't fret watch this video while im away it should give you a few chuckles and giggles =)

You don't stay at the top forever, signing off,
till next time
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parallel Universe

In a parallel universe aliens exist and god is just a cover up like Maybelline
...or maybe its not
Big women are considered beautiful and acne is just a really cool phase that teens get to go through
And if they're fly enough the get to have it as adults
Trust me, pimples get the party popped!
Mike Vick was actually making politicians fight and got a Nobel Peace Prize for it
His prize fighter was Dick Cheney because he always gunned straight for the face

In a parallel universe Haiti is not another repeat of Hurricane Katrina
But is a love story, that describes bravery and selflessness and talks about how not one life is more important than the other

In a parallel universe children are raised by both parents
The term "working hard or hardly working" is non existent because people get up at 5:30 in the morning to watch the sun rise with their spouses
Prepare breakfast together to enjoy it with their children
Get dress and are ready to be out of the house by 8 to get to their place of employment by 9 and they are prepared to enjoy their day
And trust me no one is ever "hardly" having fun
Have you ever heard a telemarketer greet you with a smile?
Have you ever seen a garbage man caring another man's trash as if it was his treasure? Whistling dixie with bags of your unwanted items thrown over his shoulder.

In a parallel universe "trickle down economics" actually means that it rains money
So when the weather man predicts it people leave their houses in extra baggy jeans and carry their umbrellas upside down.
Corporations actually cooperate
Minorities are those who have bad days, and we give green cards to those foreign to love

In a parallel universe UGG's actually mean "ugly" and nobody wears them
Women drape their bodies as temples and advertise the thing between both of their temple to get a mate
A man dressed in timberlands, baggy jeans and a white tea is not a suspect, merely an individual who is trying to show you what life looks like from his point of view
A man dressed in a business suit and tie working on the fifty some odd floor off Wall Street more than likely is a suspect and should have a warrant out for his arrest
Because trust me, slavery is how he puts food on his table

In a paralell universe O.J. didn't do it
...ok O.J. mighta done it
.......ok O.J. did it
But then again so did George Bush and they are both serving the time that they deserve
Justice actually applies to just all of us

In a parallel universe we actually did land on the moon, with technology that the Mayans invented
A "bailout" means that you're not owning up to your responsibilities
September 11th 2001 was just another Tuesday in 7th grade where not much happened and I couldn't wait for sixth period lunch

In a parallel universe Biggie just dropped a single call "Death of Auto tunes" featuring his young boy Jay Z
Soulja Boy Tell Em went to college
And sadly enough even sober Lil Wayne still speaks in jibberish

In a parallel universe Nat Turner was the first black president
Emmitt Till made it home from Mississippi in one piece
and Sean Bell got married

Where is this coexisting universe? You may ask
40 miles west of Neverland?

To be honest as far as I know it only exist when my eyes are closed
I mean trust me, I'd love to be able to open them and see more black men in college than in jail
To see New Orleans rebuilt instead of forgotten
But it don't seem to work
And when I ask myself who has the power to change this, I open my eyes and see you
And I realize we need to stop dreaming about what coulda been, and just decide what to do
Because I know that together a strong enough force can change the world in just one night
The past may be the past, but the future is ours to write

in Arabia we'd all be kings, signing off,
till next time
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Sunday, February 21, 2010

God Can Be Funny

I know, I know, where have I been right? Yea Im sorry just been kicking rocks around life for a lil bit. I'm back now though, well for the moment, See my birthday is tomorrow and I've got fun things to do ya dig. But I promise I'm back for awhile, I guess I just have to learn that this platypus is only human and I can't do everything at once. So I'm turning 21 and I'm thinking bout what that means you know? Its like the chase is over. You know how when you were 14 or 15 and couldn't wait to turn 17 to get your permit. Then till you got your license. Then your 17 and you can't wait to be 18 so you can finally buy lottery tickets and smoke and junk but then it's like now I can't wait till I turn 21 so I can get drunk at bars and fun stuff. But after 21 you realize oh shit now I wana slow down, cuz now 25 and 30 are right around the corner. Lol, shit im closer to 40 than the day I was born, that's harsh. Lol I'll be fine though, just the realization of ones on mortality I guess. I'm slowly no longer aloud to be a kid anymore, more and more people are looking at me to be an adult. Bills are stacking up and I'm really not sure how I'm gona pay for them. But I'm learning that childhood is something that doesn't have to end because a number changes, fun is something that I deserve no matter what age I reach. I plan on being 89 rolling around in the snow with my queen attempting to build and igloo, laughing our way through the arthritis. Age doesn't have to slow you down or make you sad, all it really needs to do is to remind you that one day you get to go on to the next level. But listening to this song is helping me better appreciate my 21st birthday, putting things into perspective ya dig? I hope that you too can take something from this song as well and helps you out as much as it has me...=)
Live Long and Prosper

Laugh at life, laugh at death, signing off,
till next time
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Friday, January 22, 2010

If No One Ever Told You Who You Were, Who Would You Be?

I am a King
I am royalty
I am one with the universe
I can build mountains with my mind
And watch them come into existence with my third eye
Since we are all connected through one consciousness, God and I often have late night text about everything and nothing
And each morning I forward them to the universe and watch as love is downloaded into the atmosphere
I understand that hate is only the bastard child of fear and deserves to be loved just as much as anything else
Because sometimes you've got to smile the anger out of an argument
Because anger is nothing more than a lonely child at recess looking for a playmate
...remember it takes two to tango
So I say "I'll dance with you, but how bout salsa instead?"
And just like that we tap and kick and shake our hips into happiness
If no one ever told me who I was, where I came from, and what I could do
I would already know, because we all come into this world with this knowledge
We are born like apple computers ready to go soon as we comes out of the box
But as soon as you install and download ideas onto the mainframe its starts to slow down and pretty soon you will forget where it is that you came from
Please try to remember
If no one ever told me
I would be fine
See I'd know where to find my wings
Not that I'd need them to fly, but I'd use them to remind humanity that we can rise above any obstacle that is placed in front of us
I'd know that the end is never really the end
No one ever really dies so this poem never really ends
It just continues on into eternity
There would be no fear of death or not having enough time because time doesn't exist
Now just is
I'd know that am not a poet I am merely a vessel
And we are nothing more the spirits who chose to speak through each other
So right now you are listening to God, Martin, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, my grandmother, and everyone else whose come before me and those who will come again
Someone asked me this question, and now I ask you...
If no one ever told you who you were, who would you be?

Allow Yourselves to Dance!

You are what you believe you are, signing off,
till next time
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Monday, January 18, 2010

WWAPD?...(What Would an Awkward Platypus Do?)

So it's MLK day. What does that even mean anymore? How far have we really come? How free are we actually? Do we have the ability to even see that we've been tricked?
I have a MLK show to do in a few hours and I got a personal problem to tend to after that so this is gona be short and to the point.

Take the first step and realize...

Mad As Hell! Kinetic Typography from Aaron Leming on Vimeo.

Im an Awkward Platypus Goddamnit!!, signing off,
till next time
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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Lil Evil In My Itchy Soul

Hola itchy individuals, so life is moving at a great pace for me right now. And this week has been very busy for me and I haven't been able to sit down and focus on draining my thoughts into this here mac book. But no worries I'm always thinking about you itchy souls in the attic of my mind. And soon as I get some time to word process you'll be the first to know about it. But for now I wana give you this, you know how even the cutest angels can have a devilish grin...well this song right here makes my sinister bone twitch =)

those who do evil are living backwards...signing off,
till next time
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