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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Space and Stars

I want to take your heart by the hand and go on a stroll through Central Park. I want to ask what's been on it lately. It's been awhile since I've gotten alone time with it, I want to listen to it's troubles and understand it's pain. Because lately I've been confused, and kept in the dark. I want it to beat it's stories of heart ache in my ear as we sit in a myth of a gazebo that we've only been in once before.
My heart has actually gone into cardiac arrest several times in the past three weeks. The doctors have been saying they don't know how much longer he can hold on...Lol but you already know how stubborn he can be. I never thought I'd see him in the state he's been in lately. I've tried to reason with him but he's not having it. He refuses to eat any of the logic that the nurses bring in for him. He says he knows what he needs, and that he stored it away in one of the chambers of your heart. The doctors seem to think that he gave a vital piece of himself to your heart. And they advised him that he should probably find a way to get it back. But he refuses, it was a gift and he will not be known as an Indian giver. The doctors have also advised him against his outer space trips to northern stars, in his condition they just don't think it to be wise. He grabbed my arm and said to me that the stars are the only things keeping him alive right now.
I know you've been dealing with a lot lately, but if you could find it in yourself to stop by and visit him before he passes on I know it would mean the world to him. But if not he told me that he'd be looking down at you from the nebula so that you could be sure that someone was always looking out for you.

Headed into the O.R. for open heart surgery, signing off
till next time
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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Leter From Moi

Hello all you itchy platypi out there, I'm glad that many of you were tickled by my last post to the objects who lack vocal cords out there. I was very pleased to get feedback from a lot of you telling me your favorite lines from the poem. Good thing too, that most of ya'll enjoyed it because that poem along with a few other post and poems will be available for purchase later on this year when my freshman album entitled 'This Title Has Nothing To Do With This Cd' drops in the later months of 2010. I've been putting a lot of work into this project and I'm pretty sure that it's destined for greatness. I've partnered of with a childhood teammate of mine William Wells, who continues to produce the most ridiculous tracks that I've ever encountered. He never fails to top the last great thing that he's done. It just couldn't be and more perfect a combination, honestly. So I'm really looking forward to the release of my album and the cross globe tour that will follow, and hopefully so are you. And since I'm so giddie and ready for it to be here already. I'm gona give you folk, my loyal platypumpkins a sneak snippet preview of the first single off the album. Some of you have heard this poem before, but you've never heard it like this, which is why I'm positive you'll soon be as excited as I am. But please enjoy! (AND COMMENT!!!!) I'll keep you updated as the project develops in the random greatness I'm planning for it to be.
A Letter to Queens - Hasan Malik (Produced by William F. Wells) by IamPlatypusPrime

A Letter to Queens

This is a letter, to the beautiful ebony skinned, even ivory Queens
who sit up on their throwns and demand nothing but respect

Let me be your king, allow me to command my troops to protect and serve you how my mother taught me I should.
Because I'm not sure if you realize how precious you are, but you give birth to nations
my son will know when he's met his princess because her heart will be an exact replica of his mothers smile
a smile so powerful that it could bring King Kong to his knees
but so subtle that it can wipe away the tears from any bad dream or nightmare
because of you he will know what his duties are
because of my mother i know mine
this thing that we share is not a dictatorship, we're partners...
no scratch that, this is a tag team duo
you can be 'Animal' and I'll be 'The Hawk'
and in this ring we'll be known as 'The Legion of Doom', body slamming our way through hard times
and if a rough day ever gets me in a choke hold that I can't get out of, I will crawl across that canvas inch by inch towards your outstretched hand
and together we will show this thing called life what the 'Dooms Day Device' is all about.
Haven't you ever wondered why behind every strong man, there's an equally powerful women?
Its because, you're my energy source.
If you didn't wake up and shine so brightly every morning my petals would have no light to reach for.
We are photosynthesis in its most beautiful form,
our love creates colorful dreams that little blind children can play in during recess,
but it takes a responsible mothers loving, to remember to pack sunshine in their ninja turtle book bag so that they can enjoy it later during lunchtime
but don't worry, all of your hard work will be rewarded
after slaving a long day, i will massage the knots out of the family tree that you carry on your back,
using my fingers as archaeologist searching for the bones that hold the most secrets...
you are a mirror image of mother earth
global warming is nothing more than you going through hot flashes
see there's a reason why we're tryna save the polar bears
because us men have cut down your rain forest, which were once your beautifully flowing locs
and permed them out flat to make paper for far too long
and I'm just so tired of seeing the ice caps melting in your eyes
because without you, there'd be no me
I mean I'd be here but I'd just be floating around in space lost with no direction
so fellas its time for us to start thinking with our hearts instead of our erections
because none of our leaders of today would be anywhere if it wasn't for the women backing them
from Betty Shabazz to Michelle Obama
Coretta Scott
...King could not have built his dreams as high as he did, if he did not have the proper foundation supporting him
so i will continue to right letters like these
until the proper heirs to the throwns return to their seats,

And in closing
I'd like to apologize for taking part in destroying your beautiful image, and downgrading you to nothing more than a video vixen

Sincerely yours,
a young black man in training

mother, I love you

Awkward is the new normal...platypus is the new purple, signing off
till next time
stay random

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An Ode to Inanimate Objects

I image that while I'm sleeping my pillow takes on the persona of a girl during uneventful sex...just laying there waiting patiently until I'm done. No wonder I tend to wake up some what embarrassed...

I looked down and seen my shoelaces trying to strangle themselves...they are now on suicide watch. My sneakers need them to hold it together...Vans have it so easy...

Doors are like the unfortunate puppy who gets kicked right when you get home after having been fired. They never have anything to do with the argument but they always seem to end up getting slammed...no wonder older hinges seem to scream from years of domestic abuse...smh...do better people...

clothes are like naked friends of mine who don't mind covering my bare body with their nudity...true friends if you ask me...except some of my shirts are a lil shy so I sometimes have to cover them up with a jacket...

I've never met a mirror secure enough to be itself when I'm around. I know that it's not always like that, but when ever I come around it always shows me what its thinks I wana see...come on buddy be yourself for once, show me what you look like when no ones around...

What does a condom tucked away in a virgins wallet and George Bush have in common? They sit around for a really long time doing nothing, and when you finally to reach for it, it’s old, dry, wrinkly, and doesn’t even work...

Chairs can’t say anything about having to smell ass all day, because they have their feet in the floors face 24/7...

Tears are like kamikaze whose sole mission is to moisturize the floor by any means necessary. Watch out for fingers and tissues you little hydrated terrorist...

The other day my alarm didn’t go off, I punished my irresponsible clock by setting it to the wrong time. I figured a day of trying to play pointless catch up should teach it a lesson. I came back to discover that it was on the right time. Come to find out the damn thing is faster than I thought...

I’ve decided to start washing all my clothes together. I feel as though King’s death was for nothing if I don’t allow my little black socks and black shirts to join in the wash with little white underwear and white undershirts. Don’t judged my shirt by the color of it’s fabric but by the content and detail of the characters in its logo...

Fog is like the penguin of the cloud family, all the characteristics of it’s brothers and sisters but just hasn’t yet figured out how to get off the ground. Keep your head up little buddy, we’ve got a black president, you can do anything you put your mind to...

Im not sure what the exact ingredients of love potion no. 9 is, but I’m almost certain that saxophone has to be one of them. I’ve never met a saxophone whose baby I wouldn’t have...

I feel bad for the wheel, It’s just chilling minding its own business, and everyone keeps tryna reinvent it, as if it doesn’t already work. My mother always told me if it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

Science has giving dirt a pretty bad reputation, I mean even Kobe has gotten passed the whole white girl in the hotel thing. But idk, post dark ages I’m not sure if dirt can ever fully make a come back...

Knuckles are like MC's, rapping lyrics of "let me in" to you through the door. Hoping that the knock of their bass will inspire your hands to welcome them with a knobs twist...

Everything has a heartbeat...just listen for the pulse, signing off
till next time
stay random

Internet, check ✓