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Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Way She...

There's nothing more beautiful than watching a black woman...walk
So you don't need six inch heels to lift your calf muscles, you've got the earth for that
Your lips are made of the most precious material known to man
So I take my time and mine till I find the sweetest spot and I suck, so softly
Your hips give birth to motions I never knew existed
So pardon me if you happen to catch my eyes swaying
No disrespect
You'll never catch me yelling down the street "Aye yo Ma"
More than likely you'll find me holding open a door with my head bowed because you are royalty
Queens who will give birth to future Kings
And with your hands made of coco butter and filled with life lessons
You will guide them along their path, and catch them when they fall
Your feet, have carried you forward through more hard times than I can imagine
And have kissed the ground more times then I've kissed my own mother, and I'm not proud of that, so I'm working on it
Next time I see my mom I'll kiss her a hundred times as if they were Hail Marys and I'm begging for forgiveness
Your mind contains all of the secrets of the universe, so playing dumb doesn't look good on you
Your breast, big or small have nourishing powers that no man can claim he possesses
So how dare we throw cosmetic money at you expecting you to fill up a bigger cup
And weave, for what?
God gave you naps for a reason
That shit's kinky
And your face, french kissed by the sun does not need to be mascaraed down or made up
Because in your rawest form I get a glimpse of what god looks like
So Maybelline, why would you wana conceal that?
Colored contacts can't clearly see, they only cover up the windows to you soul
And I'd love to place my elbow on their sills and pear through
It's already been proven that your smile can launch ships and by closing your legs you can end wars
So come on, bring our troops home
And from your back you spread shoulder blade like wings
Almost as if to show you, how fly you really are
I mean for real, once a month from your womb you release potential
And stop saying that your butts too fat...
I don't really have a clever line to put there other than..."you sit on that"
So sistas don't be afraid to be raw
Don't be scared to be who you naturally are
Because you had me from the switch of your thighs
The bend of your knees
And I'd love to be the rotation in your ankles
Cuz like queens your legs carry you with dignity away from unworthy jesters
See what I shoulda told you is that
There is nothing more sexy than watching a black woman...walk

Erykah Badu is a beautiful women, signing off,
till next time
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