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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

This Rash Seems Fatal...

Hello my fellow itches, it's been awhile and I wish I had some witty comments to make about things but honestly this platypus is feeling drained. I'm in a dark place there's no lock on the door but there's also nothing on the other side eiter. I'm not sure how much longer I can go on for. Just haven't had the energy or the inspiration. I think my days in this platypus patch might be numbered. I'm sorry to my loyal fans, I wish I could tell you something different but right now it's not looking good. But what I do have for you isn't much, and might even be kinda difficult to read. But I don't even have the energy to even reword it and give you the abridged version. So here you go, me mate Christmas and I were having a lil chat the other day and I couldn't help but notice that it was the first time in awhile that I'd actually said something even worth anything. So this is for you if you want it, I know it's not pretty and I'll understand if you throw it away.

[12/29/10 12:25:14 AM] sir....are u going to give me any advice for my poem? or do u not wish to partake in such activities?
[12/29/10 12:26:10 AM] Hasan Malik: wut do u want me to say?
[12/29/10 12:26:36 AM] Hasan Malik: i hate givin advice on poems, then i start to sound like **** ******
[12/29/10 12:26:42 AM] Christmas Dae: lmao
[12/29/10 12:26:54 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz messed up
[12/29/10 12:27:08 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean he gave his take on it, n i asked for his opinion, so thatz fine
[12/29/10 12:27:14 AM] Hasan Malik: im just sayin
[12/29/10 12:27:15 AM] Christmas Dae: if u hav input, i'd value it
[12/29/10 12:27:38 AM] Hasan Malik: using anybody else input no longer makes it ur poem
[12/29/10 12:27:55 AM] Christmas Dae: hmmmm...interesting way to look at it
[12/29/10 12:28:03 AM] Christmas Dae: it's an idea tho
[12/29/10 12:28:08 AM] Hasan Malik: and stop apologizing before your poems...all poems are not meant to be finished
[12/29/10 12:29:03 AM] Hasan Malik: poems are not childrens stories, they dont need to have "the end"
[12/29/10 12:29:37 AM] Hasan Malik: the most beautiful poem could have been a love letter written by a man who died half way through writtin it
[12/29/10 12:29:54 AM] Christmas Dae: wow
[12/29/10 12:30:13 AM] Hasan Malik: ...and his lover finds it and cries because she knows exactly wut he woulda said had he finished because she knows him in her heart
[12/29/10 12:30:31 AM] Hasan Malik: but everybody else cries because they feel sorry for her
[12/29/10 12:31:12 AM] Hasan Malik: but thats the beauty in storytelling everyone has their own personal reason for cryin and nobody is wrong
[12/29/10 12:31:35 AM] Hasan Malik: but its ur story, u dont need anybody elses feeding back or approval
[12/29/10 12:32:16 AM] Hasan Malik: there are no veteran poets and amateur poets, only you are the master at telling you story the way only you can tell it
[12/29/10 12:32:36 AM] Hasan Malik: advice is for when you stop listening to yourself
[12/29/10 12:33:20 AM] Hasan Malik: ever notice how you normally go to people for advice when you dont trust yourself anymore to make the decision?
[12/29/10 12:34:23 AM] Hasan Malik: and after you get the advice you feel better about makin the decision because if it turns out to be the wrong one, u wont feel as bad cuz u know at least one other person who woulda fucked up and made the same decision
[12/29/10 12:35:24 AM] Hasan Malik: just be brave and listen to yourself, uve already got a voice in ur head telling you wut to write. so stop inviting more voices, it only makes for noisy conversation
[12/29/10 12:38:01 AM] Christmas Dae: u def just went in right now. but i'm glad u did. U do have a good point about listening to one's own voice and whatnot. but i ask for opinions not for approval, but to see how to become a better writer.
[12/29/10 12:38:53 AM] Hasan Malik: thats my point
[12/29/10 12:39:01 AM] Hasan Malik: there are no better writers
[12/29/10 12:39:29 AM] Hasan Malik: there are only different writers
[12/29/10 12:39:40 AM] Christmas Dae: that's true.
[12/29/10 12:40:30 AM] Christmas Dae: and yet, when i asked how do you become a better writer you said to read. by reading and incorporating different styles u become more versatile, or better
[12/29/10 12:40:36 AM] Christmas Dae: not necessarily better than someone else
[12/29/10 12:40:51 AM] Christmas Dae: just better than u were before because u can write in different ways. or so i thought
[12/29/10 12:40:49 AM] Hasan Malik: problem is that humans naturally operate as chameleons, we come in contact with something and if we stay around it long enough it starts to rub off
[12/29/10 12:42:25 AM] Hasan Malik: im just saying find you own voice first before you start to "incorporate" others into you writing
[12/29/10 12:43:39 AM] Hasan Malik: because you can get to a point when you've studied all the "masters" and feel like you know sumthin, and then try to write something from your own voice and notice that everything u say seems like u picked it up from somewhere else
[12/29/10 12:44:05 AM] Christmas Dae: that's very true
[12/29/10 12:44:14 AM] Christmas Dae: i've seen that before
[12/29/10 12:45:40 AM] Hasan Malik: the reason why when most great artist are asked who they listened to when the created they're "project" they'll say they blocked themselves off from society so as to be able to listen to their true voice
[12/29/10 12:46:11 AM] Hasan Malik: inspiration is fine, but just know that when you pull from somewhere, you're nolonger writin that poem alone, which isn't a bad thing either
[12/29/10 12:48:00 AM] Christmas Dae: that's deep
[12/29/10 12:48:12 AM] Christmas Dae: i'll def keep that in mind
[12/29/10 12:48:30 AM] Hasan Malik: u wanted my two cents
[12/29/10 12:48:36 AM] Hasan Malik: there i just gave it to you
[12/29/10 12:48:39 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 12:49:06 AM] Christmas Dae: u gave me two cents on writing, not on my poem....but after that, i can see that i dont need it anymore
[12/29/10 12:49:17 AM] Christmas Dae: as u said, not all poems need "the end"
[12/29/10 12:49:35 AM] Christmas Dae: and i think it's fine just the way it is
[12/29/10 12:49:56 AM] Christmas Dae: i've realized this year that u cant force something onto a poem
[12/29/10 12:49:58 AM] Christmas Dae: it just wont fit
[12/29/10 12:50:12 AM] Christmas Dae: and when u read it, u'll see that it doesn't feel right
[12/29/10 12:50:34 AM] Christmas Dae: so i've always tried to stay true to myself and to my poetry
[12/29/10 12:50:54 AM] Hasan Malik: ive taken years to write poems as cliche as that may sound
[12/29/10 12:51:15 AM] Hasan Malik: but "heartless" was written over a two years span
[12/29/10 12:51:49 AM] Christmas Dae: that's sort of what happened to me before
[12/29/10 12:51:56 AM] Christmas Dae: thought something was wrong with me
[12/29/10 12:51:59 AM] Christmas Dae: for taking so long, took me months
[12/29/10 12:52:01 AM] Hasan Malik: sometimes you just havent live enough yet to even finish the poem
[12/29/10 12:52:13 AM] Christmas Dae: indeed
[12/29/10 12:55:17 AM] Christmas Dae: just so u know, i'll def be taking some of this and making them into lil quotes on my sticky notes for when i write
[12/29/10 12:55:23 AM] Christmas Dae: very profound thoughts king
[12/29/10 12:55:30 AM] Christmas Dae: i've always admired that about you
[12/29/10 12:56:24 AM] Hasan Malik: lol
[12/29/10 12:56:43 AM] Hasan Malik: its just kinda comes out
[12/29/10 12:56:50 AM] Christmas Dae: yea i know it does
[12/29/10 12:56:58 AM] Hasan Malik: this is how i write my blogs
[12/29/10 12:57:00 AM] Christmas Dae: your regular conversations sound like poems themselves
[12/29/10 12:57:07 AM] Christmas Dae: even your witty retorts and jokes
[12/29/10 12:57:18 AM] Christmas Dae: i'll jus be looking like "how does he do it?"
[12/29/10 12:57:19 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 12:58:25 AM] Hasan Malik: lol, well honestly i just get out of my own way
[12/29/10 12:58:43 AM] Hasan Malik: i find that when i rant like this, its not really me talking
[12/29/10 12:59:02 AM] Hasan Malik: its sum really smart guy who takes over and does all the work
[12/29/10 12:59:11 AM] Hasan Malik: but he lets me take all the credit for it
[12/29/10 12:59:34 AM] Hasan Malik: like i reread my blog sometimes and will have no idea where half that shit came from
[12/29/10 12:59:48 AM] Hasan Malik: and be surprising myself
[12/29/10 1:00:53 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:01:00 AM] Christmas Dae: ur so crazy
[12/29/10 1:01:23 AM] Hasan Malik: indeed my biggest fear
[12/29/10 1:02:34 AM] Christmas Dae: lol, going crazy?
[12/29/10 1:02:49 AM] Hasan Malik: Yup
[12/29/10 1:03:25 AM] Christmas Dae: i think it's fine as long as u retain a bit of sanity
[12/29/10 1:03:30 AM] Christmas Dae: u seem to be doing that quite well
[12/29/10 1:04:17 AM] Hasan Malik: I can never tell
[12/29/10 1:04:35 AM] Christmas Dae: because there's a balance
[12/29/10 1:04:45 AM] Christmas Dae: if there was an imbalance then u would notice
[12/29/10 1:05:12 AM] Hasan Malik: I have this theory that if you think about sanity too hard you'll go insane
[12/29/10 1:06:09 AM] Hasan Malik: It's like jumpin deeper and deeper into a dream world, one day u may get lost and not be able to find ur way back
[12/29/10 1:07:29 AM] Christmas Dae: true true. hmmm, not sure what would keept he balance in check. but i have faith in u
[12/29/10 1:07:42 AM] Christmas Dae: if i feel like ur teetering into another world i'll let u knw
[12/29/10 1:08:09 AM] Hasan Malik: Lol thing is sumtimes I don't know where the line exist
[12/29/10 1:11:43 AM] Christmas Dae: and i jus scanned thru this again n i didnt see when u wrote " if you think about sanity too hard you'll go insane"
[12/29/10 1:11:47 AM] Christmas Dae: that made me crack up
[12/29/10 1:12:00 AM] Hasan Malik: why?
[12/29/10 1:12:05 AM] Hasan Malik: im dead serious
[12/29/10 1:12:13 AM] Hasan Malik: shit be messin wit me
[12/29/10 1:14:24 AM] Hasan Malik: Honestly I'm not sure wuts real and wut isn't. Time over laps and repeats like a bitch.
[12/29/10 1:14:27 AM] Christmas Dae: idk because it sounded a bit oxymoronic
[12/29/10 1:14:36 AM] Christmas Dae: but i see what u meant
[12/29/10 1:14:45 AM] Christmas Dae: focusing on it so much can drive u insane
[12/29/10 1:14:54 AM] Christmas Dae: bcuz u start to question things
[12/29/10 1:15:01 AM] Christmas Dae: and overanalyze things
[12/29/10 1:15:10 AM] Christmas Dae: n then delve beyond a point of return
[12/29/10 1:15:13 AM] Hasan Malik: I don't know wut I've said before and what im sayin again for the hundredth time
[12/29/10 1:15:46 AM] Hasan Malik: That's wut I meant by the dream metaphor
[12/29/10 1:16:32 AM] Hasan Malik: Like in inception, u jump so much. How do you know when uve actually woken up?
[12/29/10 1:17:06 AM] Christmas Dae: true true
[12/29/10 1:17:34 AM] Hasan Malik: And u said that I can always come to you for a reality check
[12/29/10 1:17:44 AM] Christmas Dae: si senor
[12/29/10 1:17:53 AM] Hasan Malik: But problem is I don't even know if u are real
[12/29/10 1:18:11 AM] Christmas Dae: wow
[12/29/10 1:18:15 AM] Christmas Dae: thats kinda wild
[12/29/10 1:18:28 AM] Christmas Dae: idk even knw what to say about that
[12/29/10 1:18:29 AM] Hasan Malik: I talk to people all the time and don't know if they exist or are just figments of my mind projection
[12/29/10 1:18:37 AM] Christmas Dae: are u in a dreamlike state most of the time?
[12/29/10 1:18:45 AM] Hasan Malik: Always
[12/29/10 1:19:05 AM] Hasan Malik: How does one know when they're sleep oppose to awake?
[12/29/10 1:19:06 AM] Christmas Dae: wait wait wait...so u've actually had projections of ur mind take form?
[12/29/10 1:19:25 AM] Christmas Dae: and be so realistic that u confuse it with reality?
[12/29/10 1:20:05 AM] Hasan Malik: Lol see the problem I people don't even listen to the shit they say
[12/29/10 1:20:51 AM] Hasan Malik: U hear people say "mind over matter" all the time or "think it into existence". we always say how we attract things with our mind, and how life is wut we make it. pretty much all movin along the thought process that if you believe it then it will come. which is why people tell you not to keep negative thoughts because they will manifest themselves. well all that shit sounds like pretty words and nice advice until you ask urself. wait does this shit only work when i want sumthin good to happen or is it always on? does positive thinkin just get me the new car? or does it create the traffic in the mornin, and make me late for work, as well as get you into that argument u knew u were gona have with ur parents
[12/29/10 1:24:54 AM] Hasan Malik: is this life thing just a mental experience as pretty much every philosopher says it is?
[12/29/10 1:26:06 AM] Hasan Malik: and if it is then that means that we are pretty much all one conciseness connected, as bob marley, gandhi, and pretty much every other peaceful poet says
[12/29/10 1:26:17 AM] Hasan Malik: so in that case reality isnt reality
[12/29/10 1:26:25 AM] Hasan Malik: its wut my mind is creating
[12/29/10 1:26:39 AM] Hasan Malik: or should i say "our" mind is creating
[12/29/10 1:26:55 AM] Christmas Dae: but then that would mean that ppl share the same exact thoughts in their minds
[12/29/10 1:26:58 AM] Christmas Dae: with little variation
[12/29/10 1:27:12 AM] Christmas Dae: wouldnt the world be much different if this was entirely true?
[12/29/10 1:28:08 AM] Hasan Malik: not entirely, because as far as you know u are the center of the universe
[12/29/10 1:28:36 AM] Hasan Malik: u've never existed to your knowledge as somebody else
[12/29/10 1:28:51 AM] Hasan Malik: and for all you know im not real
[12/29/10 1:29:07 AM] Hasan Malik: just a figment of your minds eye
[12/29/10 1:29:22 AM] Christmas Dae: but then why would others see you?
[12/29/10 1:29:28 AM] Christmas Dae: would they all be figments as well?
[12/29/10 1:29:31 AM] Hasan Malik: i dont see why not
[12/29/10 1:29:32 AM] Christmas Dae: interacting with one another?
[12/29/10 1:29:39 AM] Christmas Dae: but that's insane
[12/29/10 1:29:45 AM] Hasan Malik: exactly!
[12/29/10 1:29:46 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean i get where you're going
[12/29/10 1:29:49 AM] Christmas Dae: and what you mean
[12/29/10 1:29:51 AM] Christmas Dae: LOL
[12/29/10 1:30:06 AM] Christmas Dae: ...but like this can only apply to a certain extent
[12/29/10 1:30:10 AM] Christmas Dae: im not sure what extent
[12/29/10 1:30:13 AM] Hasan Malik: why is that?
[12/29/10 1:30:29 AM] Christmas Dae: leme think and see if i can explain it....hold up
[12/29/10 1:31:29 AM] Hasan Malik: do u believe that we are a connected conciseness?
[12/29/10 1:31:40 AM] Christmas Dae: nahhh
[12/29/10 1:31:54 AM] Christmas Dae: i recall learning this concept in high school
[12/29/10 1:31:59 AM] Christmas Dae: but found it a bit hard to accept
[12/29/10 1:32:03 AM] Christmas Dae: idk
[12/29/10 1:32:09 AM] Hasan Malik: so give me ur take on it then?
[12/29/10 1:32:09 AM] Christmas Dae: maybe i wasn't as open minded back then
[12/29/10 1:35:02 AM] Christmas Dae: ok my thing is, i can somewhat believe that some of what you thing might come into existence. my mom and grandmother hav given me examples of this happening. but i still thought they wer trippin a bit n it was a matter on coincidence. cuz if all things came into existence then the world wouldn't be the way it was today. unless there was some type of degree or variation in what happens. (not sure if u get what im tryna say) Like, what does it take for something to acually manifest? Does it automatically occur or does it take something other than just a thought?
[12/29/10 1:35:22 AM] Christmas Dae: and if everyone was simply a projection interacting with other projections, then why isn't the world as i see fit?
[12/29/10 1:35:56 AM] Christmas Dae: i mean, if i want something to change, and i want it bad enough then it should be that way because it is so in my mind right?
[12/29/10 1:36:09 AM] Christmas Dae: or am i taking this POV out of context?
[12/29/10 1:36:41 AM] Christmas Dae: if everyone was a projection (which would be rather scary) then why would i imagine someone millions of miles away?
[12/29/10 1:36:58 AM] Christmas Dae: and why would think them to exist in the horrible condition that they're in?
[12/29/10 1:37:29 AM] Christmas Dae: and it's like what dave chappelle said about the writer he met...she said u have to think it to be true
[12/29/10 1:37:45 AM] Christmas Dae: and he's like "try telling that to starving kids in africa."
[12/29/10 1:38:29 AM] Christmas Dae: how u gona tell em "well the problem is that you're not thinking properly...u have to believe that you are hungry and that you'll get food." (or something in that nature, im sure u've seen )
[12/29/10 1:38:56 AM] Christmas Dae: and i was like "yea that does sound rather odd. cuz then more ppl would have what they want in life."
[12/29/10 1:39:21 AM] Christmas Dae: and there woudn'y be as much suffering
[12/29/10 1:39:36 AM] Christmas Dae: ....unless there's someone out there that wants suffering to exist
[12/29/10 1:39:47 AM] Christmas Dae: but then it goes back to my previous question
[12/29/10 1:39:55 AM] Christmas Dae: what makes a thought manifest?
[12/29/10 1:40:05 AM] Christmas Dae: what does it take?
[12/29/10 1:40:19 AM] Christmas Dae: does it just occur automatically? or does it take something more?
[12/29/10 1:40:24 AM] Christmas Dae: .......and im done, lol
[12/29/10 1:40:36 AM] Christmas Dae: sorry for the long ass essay u had to read
[12/29/10 1:41:12 AM] Hasan Malik: its not a matter of someone wanting suffering to exist. its a matter of how you said before everything needs balance. joy would have no meanin without pain.
[12/29/10 1:41:27 AM] Christmas Dae: not true
[12/29/10 1:41:35 AM] Christmas Dae: ppl might take it for granted
[12/29/10 1:41:43 AM] Christmas Dae: but it doesnt mean it would have no meaing at all
[12/29/10 1:41:58 AM] Christmas Dae: but if everyone lived in a utopia
[12/29/10 1:42:03 AM] Christmas Dae: why must there be pain?
[12/29/10 1:42:11 AM] Christmas Dae: or extreme pain i shud say
[12/29/10 1:42:14 AM] Hasan Malik: where is the balance?
[12/29/10 1:42:32 AM] Hasan Malik: in a utopia everyone is happy
[12/29/10 1:42:35 AM] Christmas Dae: if everyone is equal then isnt that a balance?
[12/29/10 1:42:38 AM] Christmas Dae: within itself
[12/29/10 1:42:50 AM] Hasan Malik: i can think of one error in that already
[12/29/10 1:42:57 AM] Christmas Dae: yea me too
[12/29/10 1:42:58 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:43:00 AM] Hasan Malik: everyone cant always be happy
[12/29/10 1:43:06 AM] Hasan Malik: people have to die
[12/29/10 1:43:10 AM] Christmas Dae: but then thatz a balance
[12/29/10 1:43:27 AM] Hasan Malik: and even if they're aren't murdered and just die of old age somebody is gona be sad
[12/29/10 1:43:37 AM] Christmas Dae: ok, but thatz life
[12/29/10 1:43:38 AM] Hasan Malik: saddness is pain
[12/29/10 1:43:48 AM] Christmas Dae: i understand that
[12/29/10 1:43:54 AM] Christmas Dae: but thatz the pain im saying is acceptable
[12/29/10 1:44:00 AM] Christmas Dae: simply cuz itz a part of life
[12/29/10 1:44:01 AM] Hasan Malik: lmoa
[12/29/10 1:44:10 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz why i said live without extreme pain
[12/29/10 1:44:20 AM] Christmas Dae: giv me a minute....
[12/29/10 1:44:41 AM] Hasan Malik: wut about the people who slip and fall into fiery vats the day before their wedding?
[12/29/10 1:44:54 AM] Christmas Dae: lmao
[12/29/10 1:44:55 AM] Christmas Dae: damn
[12/29/10 1:44:57 AM] Hasan Malik: lol it wasnt murder just a wet floor
[12/29/10 1:45:11 AM] Christmas Dae: but murder is extreme
[12/29/10 1:45:15 AM] Christmas Dae: thatz an accident
[12/29/10 1:45:20 AM] Christmas Dae: and accidents happen
[12/29/10 1:45:48 AM] Christmas Dae: i think im kinda choosing the wrong words cuz im typing quickly
[12/29/10 1:45:52 AM] Hasan Malik: a plane accidently crashes into two towers and kills 30 thousand people
[12/29/10 1:45:58 AM] Christmas Dae: n im choosing the 1st thing that comes to mind
[12/29/10 1:46:15 AM] Christmas Dae: no
[12/29/10 1:46:16 AM] Hasan Malik: "oops my mistake" and everything is all better now?
[12/29/10 1:46:26 AM] Christmas Dae: cuz if the pilot has a positive mind that he will land
[12/29/10 1:46:31 AM] Christmas Dae: then the accident wont happen
[12/29/10 1:46:32 AM] Christmas Dae: lol
[12/29/10 1:46:33 AM] Christmas Dae: right?
[12/29/10 1:46:49 AM] Hasan Malik: is not about positive and negaitve
[12/29/10 1:47:04 AM] Christmas Dae: mmkay...then epxlain
[12/29/10 1:47:09 AM] Hasan Malik: that shit doesnt work the way they advertise, i never claimed that iit did
[12/29/10 1:47:37 AM] Hasan Malik: i believe its about pushes and pulls
[12/29/10 1:48:07 AM] Hasan Malik: in nature thats how things operate pushes and pulls
[12/29/10 1:48:13 AM] Christmas Dae: true
[12/29/10 1:48:37 AM] Hasan Malik: the moon pushes the tide in and out, gravity pulls things down
[12/29/10 1:48:51 AM] Hasan Malik: i believe that thoughts are the same way
[12/29/10 1:49:23 AM] Hasan Malik: but its not just ur thoughts, imagine urself as one nerve cell in a brain
[12/29/10 1:49:24 AM] Christmas Dae: how so?
[12/29/10 1:49:41 AM] Hasan Malik: u push and pull with all that is around u
[12/29/10 1:49:52 AM] Christmas Dae: are u saying that there's a balance in one's thoughts or a balance in everyone's thoughts combined?
[12/29/10 1:50:04 AM] Hasan Malik: they say surround urself with positive people and positive things come to you
[12/29/10 1:50:16 AM] Christmas Dae: ok i get it now
[12/29/10 1:50:23 AM] Christmas Dae: i just read the brain line
[12/29/10 1:50:36 AM] Christmas Dae: kinda like a network
[12/29/10 1:50:38 AM] Christmas Dae: in a way
[12/29/10 1:50:59 AM] Hasan Malik: if you have a bad section in the brain, its gona be very hard for a positive nerve to survive
[12/29/10 1:51:38 AM] Hasan Malik: so when shit is goin wrong, u cant just imagine shit right and it appears
[12/29/10 1:51:49 AM] Hasan Malik: mostly because we imagine the wrong shit
[12/29/10 1:52:13 AM] Hasan Malik: u have to change ur surroundings. most times we just wish for things
[12/29/10 1:52:38 AM] Hasan Malik: "things" are like new parts in a fucked up car
[12/29/10 1:53:15 AM] Hasan Malik: if you get one new "thing" its only gona get fucked up by the other things around it
[12/29/10 1:53:27 AM] Hasan Malik: u gotta change where u are first
[12/29/10 1:53:49 AM] Hasan Malik: and i dont believe its just imagining that gets it done
[12/29/10 1:54:08 AM] Hasan Malik: "thought turns into action" is the part that "the secret" leaves out
[12/29/10 1:54:46 AM] Hasan Malik: if ur in a room surrounded by people you dont like wuts the first step u take?
[12/29/10 1:55:00 AM] Hasan Malik: u realize that you dont like ur surrounds
[12/29/10 1:55:16 AM] Hasan Malik: then you think about where you'd rather be, and who u rather be with
[12/29/10 1:55:32 AM] Hasan Malik: most people just stop there and are mad for the rest of the night
[12/29/10 1:55:42 AM] Hasan Malik: but u have to turn thought into action
[12/29/10 1:55:52 AM] Christmas Dae: heck yea, i'd leave
[12/29/10 1:55:59 AM] Christmas Dae: but i see what u mean
[12/29/10 1:56:04 AM] Hasan Malik: by getting on ur feet and moving to that place u imagined in ur head
[12/29/10 1:56:12 AM] Christmas Dae: never looked at life as whole in that way
[12/29/10 1:56:18 AM] Christmas Dae: cuz sometimes its not as easy
[12/29/10 1:56:22 AM] Hasan Malik: but thats it, it not magic
[12/29/10 1:56:37 AM] Hasan Malik: people look at "the secret" and are like wow its gona be like magic
[12/29/10 1:56:40 AM] Hasan Malik: no it isnt
[12/29/10 1:56:56 AM] Hasan Malik: its about seeing urself where u wana be and putting urself there
[12/29/10 1:57:36 AM] Hasan Malik: and it about keepin that thought until ur there, cuz if you lose that thought then anything can take its place
[12/29/10 1:59:04 AM] Hasan Malik: like once u decide to leave the party and u start walkin to the door, ur now in the process of changin ur surrounding, but wut if sumone grabs ur arm and starts tryna get at u, if you allow them to distract you from ur original goal, ur realize ten mins later that your still at this damn party that you hate
[12/29/10 2:00:02 AM] Hasan Malik: so when you say its not that simple it really is, the ones in power have know how easy it is for a long time now
[12/29/10 2:00:18 AM] Hasan Malik: and they work so hard keeping that information away from us
[12/29/10 2:00:33 AM] Hasan Malik: which is why they give us half truths like "the secret"
[12/29/10 2:00:48 AM] Hasan Malik: and movies like angels and demons and 2012 and shit
[12/29/10 2:01:11 AM] Hasan Malik: if we feel like we know sumthin then we dont ask questions
[12/29/10 2:01:37 AM] Hasan Malik: believe none of wut you see, and none of wut you hear
[12/29/10 2:07:54 AM] Hasan Malik: ...and on that note i need to go smoke

In an unrelated but seems to fit kinda way...Dave Chappelle

My soul is tired,signing off
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