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Friday, January 22, 2010

If No One Ever Told You Who You Were, Who Would You Be?

I am a King
I am royalty
I am one with the universe
I can build mountains with my mind
And watch them come into existence with my third eye
Since we are all connected through one consciousness, God and I often have late night text about everything and nothing
And each morning I forward them to the universe and watch as love is downloaded into the atmosphere
I understand that hate is only the bastard child of fear and deserves to be loved just as much as anything else
Because sometimes you've got to smile the anger out of an argument
Because anger is nothing more than a lonely child at recess looking for a playmate
...remember it takes two to tango
So I say "I'll dance with you, but how bout salsa instead?"
And just like that we tap and kick and shake our hips into happiness
If no one ever told me who I was, where I came from, and what I could do
I would already know, because we all come into this world with this knowledge
We are born like apple computers ready to go soon as we comes out of the box
But as soon as you install and download ideas onto the mainframe its starts to slow down and pretty soon you will forget where it is that you came from
Please try to remember
If no one ever told me
I would be fine
See I'd know where to find my wings
Not that I'd need them to fly, but I'd use them to remind humanity that we can rise above any obstacle that is placed in front of us
I'd know that the end is never really the end
No one ever really dies so this poem never really ends
It just continues on into eternity
There would be no fear of death or not having enough time because time doesn't exist
Now just is
I'd know that am not a poet I am merely a vessel
And we are nothing more the spirits who chose to speak through each other
So right now you are listening to God, Martin, Jesus, Muhammad, Gandhi, my grandmother, and everyone else whose come before me and those who will come again
Someone asked me this question, and now I ask you...
If no one ever told you who you were, who would you be?

Allow Yourselves to Dance!

You are what you believe you are, signing off,
till next time
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Monday, January 18, 2010

WWAPD?...(What Would an Awkward Platypus Do?)

So it's MLK day. What does that even mean anymore? How far have we really come? How free are we actually? Do we have the ability to even see that we've been tricked?
I have a MLK show to do in a few hours and I got a personal problem to tend to after that so this is gona be short and to the point.

Take the first step and realize...

Mad As Hell! Kinetic Typography from Aaron Leming on Vimeo.

Im an Awkward Platypus Goddamnit!!, signing off,
till next time
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Friday, January 15, 2010

A Lil Evil In My Itchy Soul

Hola itchy individuals, so life is moving at a great pace for me right now. And this week has been very busy for me and I haven't been able to sit down and focus on draining my thoughts into this here mac book. But no worries I'm always thinking about you itchy souls in the attic of my mind. And soon as I get some time to word process you'll be the first to know about it. But for now I wana give you this, you know how even the cutest angels can have a devilish grin...well this song right here makes my sinister bone twitch =)

those who do evil are living backwards...signing off,
till next time
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Sunday, January 10, 2010

What Do You Do When Someone Outgrows Their Nickname?...Make Turtle Soup

Hello beautiful souls, so I promise you that "So I Brought a Bouquet of Forget-Me-Not's to a Gun Fight" will one day soon be finished and be one of my most precious creations to date, but I've still not yet perfected it, and I do hope that you'll hold on just awhile longer for me to add the finishing touches. But as we all know, life does happen whether or not we are ready for it, and I'd like to touch on that tonight.
So I was brought up to speed on a certain situation that I was completely oblivious to (and I guess maybe that might be part of the problem), but an awkward soul who I hold close to my heart informed me earlier today that they'd out grown me. Which is beautiful and sad all at the same time. Because when I met this lovely soul, it was easy to see that they were so troubled, as are all of us at times, and I felt as though I could help this individual (let's call this soul "Turtle") see it's true beauty. So I then set out on a journey with this awkward individual and I must say that I've been most pleased with the growth and development that we both have forced each other to go through (because I would be proving that I've learned nothing at all throughout this whole process, if I failed to acknowledge that I've also been a student on this journey as well). But to see how open and free Turtle was becoming in such a short a time gave me the greatest feeling in the world. I don't believe that she is aware, but I would brag about her to everyone I came across, I couldn't even explain how happy it made me to see my turtle cracking out of her shell. But as time went on a mentor of mine informed me of the unhealthy ramifications that might come from smothering a student with too much praise and potentially "stunt" (lol, funny how many times that words come up tonight) their growth. So I slowly became distant and allowed my turtle to mingle and develop deeper relationships with the other itchy souls around her, but always keeping a watchful eye from afar. Now we've had our disagreements about how things went down, but honestly that's neither here nor there. Because after our conversation I came home to write this post but in between the two I happen to stumble across "The Soloist" on TV, and it's almost as if I was suppose to watch it before I wrote this because my response on this post would have been completely different had I not. But as we all know, everything happens for a reason and when it's suppose to happen. And the movie showed me that trying to change a person and bring them out of what you feel might be a bad situation can often times back fire on you if you let your ego get involved. But being someones friend and being supportive is the one way you can ensure that it's a purely selfless act. And I should've done more of that. You told me that I need to take my head out of my ass, and you know what you're probably right, because as much helping as one tries to do, if it's not coming from a pure and genuine place then it's really for nothing. And you've taught me that, I'm sorry that our relationship had to be the guinea pig for me to learn that lesson, but I honestly do believe that I've discovered the meaning of truly being selfless. And by no means do I believe that I'm there, but I've certainly gotten a glimpse of it, and I'm slowly but surely working my way towards it (and that really all we can ask of the world, is to try). I've had nothing to gain from this blog really other than clearing my mind of thoughts that are constantly cluttering it, and I genuinely am happy when readers send me messages telling me how my words have helped them through their day or out of a current situation. And sure if that strokes my ego slightly then so be it, but you know what? none of us can ever escape our egos, all we can do is try to keep it in check, and I've been making an honest attempt. So does it hurt me that you honestly believe that I've done no good for you over our entire relationship? Honestly yes it hurts me and makes me very sad, but I won't dwell on it too long because it's not my place to determine what another soul got out of an interaction, all I can focus on is what I'm walking away with, and that's life lessons. All I can hope is that you do the same. I think the one truly sad thing about this whole situation is that we are two very stubborn itchy souls and it's so easy for the both of us to push people out of our lives and not look back twice. And that makes me sad because this could possibly be a life long game of whose gona crack first, but if that's the lesson we are to teach each other then I'm ready. You told me that you'd grown past my "words of wisdom", I hope that you don't really believe that, because if you do you will find that you miss a lot of great gems in life (I'm sure you wouldn't accept Adolph Hitler as one of your friends on Facebook, but the man has said some brilliant things in his lifetime. We can't control who god decides to let her wisdom flow through, please remember that). Although you may not much care for me much as a person that does not mean that there aren't still things that I can't teach you. You can learn from my mistakes and misfortunes. You told me that your evolution was inevitable, so that makes me happy and wish the best for you. Keep pushing forward cuz you'll always be my turtle no matter what.

Seasons come and go...

...but you're always in my heart

"Don't cry because its over, smile because it happened" signing off,
till next time
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Friday, January 8, 2010

Soul on Auto Pilot

Hola itchy souls, so my soul is going through a rather draining period, such as the ones that life is so popular for throwing at us. I believe that I will emerge on the other side a stronger and more enlightened platypus, but at the moment I'm finding it extremely hard to focus of the post the I previously promised you guys "So I Brought a Bouquet of Forget-Me-Not's to a Gun Fight". But don't worry as soon as I'm able to make it back to the cock pit of my mind (see what happened was I had to go to the bathroom and I accidently locked myself out of the cock pit, but don't worry I believe that the auto pilot kicks in at any point now...) I will get right to it. But for now, please enjoy this video that I've found for your viewing pleasure, I call it "onwards and upwards" (it has a real name, but I dont care. I like my name for it better).

parkour motion reel from saggyarmpit on Vimeo.

This is Platypus Prime, signing off,
till next time
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Monday, January 4, 2010

P.S. I Love Poo

Hello again beautiful souls. Yes I know that I said that today was my spa day and that I would be resting and relaxing. And I tried, I really did (honest), but a certain jerk friend of mine (cough, cough, Eddie, cough) thought that it would be a great idea to give me a movie the other night, that I then watch today (all part of my rest and relaxation right? WRONG!!), but he knew that after watching it my head was gona be spinning with ideas and shit (i know a jerk move right?!?!).
Ok so seeing as how I can't rest or relax I guess I should just do what I do best.
So the movie that happened to fall into my lap was entitled "P.S. I Love You". A great film (that I refuse to call a chick flick, cuz I ain't no damn chick and I enjoyed the hell out of it). So after watching the movie it got me to thinking about things. Cuz see what had happen was (let me give you the back story), so my queen and I sorta got into a disagreement last night (hard to really call it that though, I just don't wana call it an argument cuz it wasn't [maybe the beginning stages of one where you're like "uh oh, I can see where this is going" you get me?]), pretty much I said something that kinda came out wrong (via text) and she began to question the statement. So since I noticed how that statement coulda been taken I wanted to call her and explain what I really meant by it, but she had to wake up early the next morning for a new internship and stated that she was going to sleep (obviously not a good sign...). So I told her that I'd text her in the morning, which I did, to no response. So I decided to give her space, and when she was ready she'd let me know. So I went on about my day, and happened to pop in the movie and got to watching and it made me think...
...In the event that somehow I died between now and before the next time she and I talked what would I want her to know? I mean not to be morbid but death is just as much a part of life as birth is right? And none of us really know when we checking outa this hotel. For all I knew the trip that I took to the store earlier this morning could have been my last, right? Then I started to think about you guys, and what kind of lasting imagine I would want to leave in your eyes. I mean some of you I know very well and some not at all, but all of you I love. I've been doing this blog for only a short time but I feel as if I've been sharing so much.
So first to my Queen, well the ugly part is that the last interaction that we had, wasn't the most pleasant one, and obviously not the most ideal way to part. But not matter what was said or not said I would always want you to know that I love you with every inch that my itchy soul has to offer, infinity wouldn't be big enough to fit it all in. I'd never want you to go to sleep thinking that you were a replacement or a rebound. These past two years have been the most growing that I've done in my life, you have helped me become a better man and you have seen things in me that I didn't even know were there. It's taken me time to realize but I now know that you are my guardian angel. You've been there to help me see when i was too blind to decipher what was right in front of me. You are a gift that I wish that I had more time to appreciate fully, but I understand that death is hardly the end so I'm not worried about saying goodbye. It just makes me that much more excited for the next time that we meet. I know that we planned on growing old together and traveling the world and having children (and if I had it my way that would still be the plan), but for some unexplained reason the universe has deemed it necessary to take me now. I've learn that it's pretty much pointless to question and better to just accept. But in no way would I want you to stop moving forward because of me. Nothing would make me happier than to know that you were waddling around fat somewhere with a child in your belly creating a beautiful family. Because your happiness is what makes me happy. And I know that you would make a great mother and wife so why deprive the world of it? I know that our souls will be intertwined again later on in our journey so there's nothing to worry about there. Have fun and live life to the fullest. I Love you Poopy.
As for the rest of you itchy souls, I have nothing but hope and a deep love for you. I know that the hatred hinders progress, and want you all to promise me that you'll make it your new mission to spread love and unity to everyone you meet. This isn't about having a national love day or week, or January is the new "Love Month" because like holidays they come and go. No one thinks about family until Thanksgiving comes around, that's not how this is suppose to work people. This is about one love. Every day you have to wake up and spread it, like a disease. Everything you touch, every person you see send them love from me. And yes I'm aware that this sounds whack and corny but nothing is whack or corny about caring. Our problem as a society is that we've stopped caring, we don't feel anymore. Please people if it's my only dying wish, I wish for you to fight to love again. Fight to want want happiness, for yourself as well as your neighbor. This system that we live under has corrupted us and we hate it. The problem is that we think that there's nothing that we can do about it. But that's not true, if the whole world woke up tomorrow morning and decided that they weren't going to listen to anymore laws, or pay any more taxes, there is nothing that the 1% in power could do about it. We are not powerless, love is the most powerful thing there is. Fighting hate with love is the most gangsta thing you can do. Be willing to die for what you love. That's our problem, we've no longer have anything worth dying for. And if you don't have that, my question is, are you really living? Trust me, if we truly want to tap into the oneness of the universe this is how you do it. The killing, and fighting, and anger is doing nothing but polluting our atmosphere. No longer do we need and Malcolm or a Martin, or a Gandhi. They were individuals, great individuals, but individuals all the same. They knew the importance of people coming together as one. Please lets stop being followers and all becoming leaders of the love movement. Because the problem with Malcolm and the rest of them was that as soon as they died their movement lost great amounts of steam, until of course other people stepped up and continued to push forward. And that's what we all need to do, don't let this message die with me, or you. Pass it on, and give it legs so that it can run to the ends of the universe. It's time to wake up my itchy souls, we've been lied to and it's now time to scratch away our blinders so that we can finally smile at the truth.
I want every single one of you to know that you are Kings and Queens who are powerful. So shame on you if you decide to hide and let your power atrophy because you are worth more than that.

If I've wronged you, I've wronged myself, and for that I'm sorry, signing off
till next time
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A Spa Day for this Platypus

Greetings Kings and Queens from this side of the platypus patch. Hope all your soul woke up bright and itchy this morning, let today be a wonderful day for exploring (shout out to my fellow itchy soul Eddie, last night we built like crazy). I would like to comment though on attendance I've been checking out you guys stats, and ya'll have been showing this awkward platy a whole lotta love, and thank you for that. But today for me it think will be a cool down day, because so much has been pulling out of me I'd hate to have a repeat of last time where I just burnt out. I'm still tryna hear from you souls though, As I mentioned before I'm the most random guy I know, but if any of you have ideas or questions that maybe you'd like to hear my talk about let me know, send me a message, I'd love to get to know my fellow itches.
So today I think I'm leave you with a song that has been on repeat in my room since I found it. Idk but for some reason my soul's kidneys get all warm inside when they hear it. Also it has inspired my next tattoo, so that's fun. But please everyone I beg you to go out today and discover something beautiful, and smile at someone. Trust me it's good for your health, who knows you might save a life...

Introducing The Noisettes

A lil TLC for an itchy soul , signing off
till next time
stay random

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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Kramer

Ok so I'm back, I hope that you enjoyed the Hawaii Chair, and have had a splendid soul tickling day thus far. But anyway on to more pressing matters. I wanted to "revisit" (as my mother would say) an issue that is not new to being visited or revisited, but I feel as though in 2010, a new decade we should know where stand on this topic. Now this is the only sort of disclaimer that I'ma probably ever give because I feel as though disclaimers take away from the awkwardness of a situation, I mean by preparing people for what's ahead it no longer awkward (how the hell can you be prepared for an awkward moment?!?! That defeats the whole purpose of the moment!!). But anyway I want you to know this might be a rather touchy post for some and I say that because I hope that we can all approach this topic with an open mind, and willingness to new ideas (come on it 2010!). I'm not aiming to hurt any one's feelings or anything of that nature so I hope that you don't receive it that way.
Okkk, so with that out of the way lets talk about the topic of the evening...


This word right here has been the spark of many discussions, rallies, campaigns, etc. I would like to take a brief look at the word and it's history (not too in depth because we all obviously know where it came from) and then I wana focus more on what it's been up to lately. And lastly explore options for the future of the word, is it here to stay? Is it's once cute infant appeal now turning into a pimply faced, braces wearing teenager who needs to learn how to start using deodorant because they're starting to grow hair in certain places (you get what I mean right?).

So "nigga" is a word that is widely used today among the more hip youth. But it's origins trace back to an uglier time in our country's history when it's not yet evolved version "nigger" could be found on plantations, or being shot out of the end of fire hoses at protest, or being tied to a fan and thrown in the Tallahassee River, and so on and so forth. This word was hate. This word was the power that one group of humans had over another group. But we all know how this story goes.

So let's fast forward, to I guess what we can call the birth of hip hop times. By then the word had already found its way into the black community and found itself getting new meaning. Even though your mama would still smack the black off of your ass if she caught you using it in her house. But we black folks, the creative folks that we are, decided to drop the "er" (which is too damn proper anyway) and put an "a" in, and voila! Nigga!! So now we've got our own piece of the racist apple pie. This is our thing, the white man thought he'd gotten the last laugh but naw dog we the gona take this shit and run with it (it's really silly actually if you think about it. It's like me picking on a group of lil kids, and every time I see them I push them around and call them "shitheads". And after awhile they decide they not gona take it no more so the form a lil gang and get jackets and stuff made and the name that they decide to go with is the "shitzheads". And they laughing at me like yea this is our thing son! and you can't be apart of it!). So because of that it almost just seemed like "nigga" belonged in hip hop. I mean hip hop was all about the struggle, and life around you, and being a "nigga" was a part of life. And consequently if rappers are saying it the youth in the black community are almost sure to embrace it. And so on and so forth another tired story that we all know.

So fast forward to the new millennium. Where racism has become a thing that is frowned upon, and Klan members are made to trade in their hoods for badges to make it look prettier. And we as black people feel as though we've come so far since slavery. I mean look we can go to college now, vote, and marry white women (and if that ain't freedom idk what is). So whats our lil troublesome word been up to you may ask, what's he been getting into? Well hip hop (and please by no means think that I am blaming hip hop for the word "nigga". there are many factors that play a role in this words existence, but if I tried to cover all of them this post would take longer than my little fingers can stand to type) has blown through the roof since its birth. The glamor and the glitz, the money, fame, and power reach well outside of the borders of this country around the world. Trust me I know first hand. I was in Egypt about five years ago, in my hotel leaving my room and getting in the elevator. I had on a du-rag, and upon entering the elevator was greeted with looks of shock and amazement because the two girls in the elevator had no idea that Lil Bow Wow was staying in the same hotel as them. Down on the street I was constantly being greeted by the youth at the mall with "yo my nigga" and "what up doggie dog" (true story). So with hip hop being so mainstream naturally so was "nigga". And over the past years there have been several major occasions where racism has showed it's ass (see the funny thing about suppressing something, is that it finds it's way to the surface, and when it does it sticks out like the retarded bastard child that you thought you'd flushed down the toilet so many years ago, now showing up to the family barbecue [that was very disturbing I know]). You've got Katrina, Sean Bell, Jena 6, Oscar Grant, Don Imus, and my personal favorite Michael Richards better known as Cosmo Kramer. (please if you don't know what any of the names refer to take the time to google them, it's good for your health). Yea times have gotten crazy, and the thing about it is that none of those situations were actually that drastic in comparison to whats happened in the past. But since we've tried to sweep racism under the rug and just ignore it, the smallest things can set off the biggest response (in no way am I implying that Katrina or any of these situations weren't serious. Just saying that gentrification ain't just come out yesterday...)

So now on to the reason why I even began writing this post in the first place. The word "nigga" has come a long way, since it's birth and then transformation. And at least in hip hop it's become this accepted norm. So I was placed in a peculiar situation the other day, where I was playing spades with some friends of mine. Well actually I was out with my boy and we was chillin with his friends. So me and my boy are spades partners and the other two guys are partners. The layout of the night is cards, kitchen table, three black guys, one white guy, and laughter for days. I was having mad fun, these dudes was funny and it was a good time. Now the white guy as my friend later pointed out was a cool enough guy but "sometimes he crossed the line" as my friend put it. And I began to wonder where exactly the line was and who drew it. Ok so we all have a rather vague understanding about white boys and the word "nigga". It's like if they cool as shit then they can only use it around other guys who know that they cool as shit and in turn won't beat they ass. But if around guys who might be unaware of how cool your shit is, you must first receive your cool as shit certification before using the word in the vicinity of said individuals. And it get's tricky cuz even if you around cool as shit niggas who have already certified your cool as shitness, if one new individual appears then the process starts all over (cuz if not, it's gona take a whole lot of convincing on the part of your already cool as shit niggas to let the new comer know that you is cool as shit, before he puts his foot up your ass and really cools yo shit [pause]). So that's the vague break down of the situation. And it got me to thinking why is that shit so complicated? I mean personally I think that it's rather ridiculous of us as black people to invite white people in as friends but then hold a gun to their heads the entire relationship as if waiting for them to fuck up. Then I ask myself well why would they even want to say "nigga" in the first place? And I see that as a simple two part answer. One. ok so if you somehow had the ability to morph into any animal that you wanted to, and you came across a pack of wolves and said to yourself "hey I'd like to be friends with these wolves" what would you do? Well first I'm pretty sure you'd probably observes the wolves behavior, like notice if a kitten happens to stroll by and you seen how all the wolves attacked and ate it for dinner. That would then tell you that it's probably not best idea to turn into a cat, right? Then you'd observe how they interact with each other the way the communicate their body language and all that. And finally I'm almost certain that you'd probably come to the conclusion that the best way to befriend this pack of wolves is to become a wolf yourself, develop a taste for cats as well if you don't already have one because that's obviously whats for dinner, and then learn how to use their language and mannerism as to make them feel the most comfortable when around you...right? And that all white folks do, they just wana join the black club, so they dress like us, go find black chicks wit fat asses, and then start talking like us because they want to fit in. Is the so bad?? Idk maybe it is. But then I think about the second part of that answer and realize that they almost have more rights to the damn word than we do. White people buy the most hip hop music and practically feed the damn culture. And shit I know me personally if I'm funding the muthafucka then you best believe I'm saying the shit...but that's just me.

So it's 2010, where are we with the word "nigga"? Well I'll say personally I've used the word through most of my younger years and not up until very recently questioned why I did. It was just apart of vocabulary. But being at the place that I am in my life, and being surrounded by the people who do, other words have started to surface. I'm about progress and moving forward and I believe in using positive and productive words. And no matter how many times you try to flip the meaning of it, there is nothing positive about the word "nigga". So instead when I go to greet my brothers and sisters who I respect and care for I refer to them as King and Queen. It just makes sense that way, uplift the people and you uplift society. Try it, trust me you'll catch people off guard. Just be like "whats good King?" or "Hello Queen". That shit will blow people away. But why not? I mean we've tried this "nigga" thing for some time now, and it's gotten us nowhere. Now let us stop being insane and try something new maybe...
But don't get me wrong I in no way shape or form think that "nigga" is gona disappear over night. Nor do I think that it should, because as long as you've got niggas running around you should be able to have something to call them by. But I think more than anything else this is about personal reflection, just because niggas are out there don't mean that I have to be one, ya dig?

So it's 4 in the morning, and I've failed to make my deadline and I do apologize. But I'm tired as shit and I really have written all that my brain will allow me to make sense of, anything after this will just be letters of nothingness. So in closing I'd like to leave you with a song that I think just about sums this lil topic up. I hope that you enjoy it, and that it makes you rethink why you do and say certain things. Remember it's 2010 people, let us make this a year of moving forward.

He said nigga, nigga, nigga, my favorite rapper did it, signing off
till next time
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Why Not Take the Common Sense Out of Life While Your At It...

Hello itchy souls its me again. I'm actually working on a rather controversial post at the moment and I'm hoping to have it done posted by tonight, but in case I don't manage that, I went fishing around youtube and found the dumbest damn chair that I've ever seen. And I really felt the need to share with you the nonsense that I've discovered.
So idk how many of you have actually seen this infomercial but I've just discovered the Hawaii Chair which apparently "takes the work out of your workout".

So if that wasn't bad enough. One of my favorite Regal Blue Tang fish in the sea Ellen Degeneres better known in my book as Dory brought the chair onto her show to try it out. Please I beg you souls do not try this at home.

Thank you for that demonstration Dory...

Please enjoy the antics of this chair and the rest of your day, hopefully I'll be back later with more important issues to talk about.

when fortune calls, offer her a chair (please not the Hawaii Chair), signing off
till next time
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Friday, January 1, 2010

Bye Bye Apocalypse

...Remembering when she tip toed across the pier to dip her feet into the water with mine, balloons giving each other helium kisses before they exploded into an ivory atmosphere of sky blue doves carrying this very moment to all the corners of the universe, delivering it to all those ready to receive its beauty, to all those willing to receive its beauty, and to some of those who need to be force fed its beauty because they have shot their taste buds to hell with Mamoun's hot sauce and can no longer taste the pulchritude of a humid summer's night holding hands underneath the picnic table with sweat wu tanging around your temples and love tap dancing on your tongue, or the moment before a first kiss standing in a gazebo in front of a frozen lake in Central Park at 3:48 in the morning, the universe will never forget the memories of two stepping in the rain with an angel in blue dress to the sounds of Marley in the ether...and neither will I.
See the wonderful thing about moments is that they never come or go they always are, and once you can fully grasp the idea of "now" and forget the past and future because you've never been nor will you ever go you'll be able to truly see the beauty of "now". Now is where you are one with god and all her creations because that's all there is. Logic makes no sense here, the only rule is love because only love rules. Once you get rid of fear everything will make sense, you will finally wake up and be able to laugh at gravity. Stop looking for things, and just decide to find it...because it's right where you put it every time, get it? Always listen to your gut because it has your best interest in mind. Know that these words are the only things that matter in the world right right now, but mean nothing at all. Create your own truth and allow it to be.

"become the master of your own bation"
always an itchy soul signing off
till next time
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