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Hasan Malik is a master of awkward moments and creating unnecessary pauses... being normal is so boring. Trust me I've tried being average it's just not for me. So please join in moments of awkward platypusness and itchy souls because it's good for your health. Random is the name of the game. Internet, Check ✓

Monday, November 30, 2009

Greetings From An Itchy Soul

Hello lovely people, welcome to my awkwardness. I'm glad that you've deemed it necessary to take time out of your humdrum day to come visit my thoughts. I'd just like to invite you to follow me on random trips down thought provoking alley ways and just laugh with me. Nothing too serious, just jibber jab out my noggin.

I'm not quite sure where to start with this one so I'll just randomize it and let you nitpick at the left overs. Ok, so first of all I hate writing things down. Period. I'm a poet and have never written a single one down. I don't write grocery list or wear name tags that I have to fill in myself. One of the reasons that I'm currently unemployed probably has something to do with all that writing that you have to do when you filling out applications. But I say all that to make this point...ya'll better enjoy these here blogs of mine because my knuckles started hurting after "Hello lovely...".

So I mentioned that I'm a poet, ehhh...I guess that's how I could classify myself. Or I could classify myself as a karate chopping-mega sexy-bubble gum popping-government hating-skateboard pushing-itchy soul...But I wont, so yea I'm a poet just to keep it simple. I've been "writing" for about four years now and it's been an interesting journey I must say. Learning the culture and way things work in the spoken word world, it's very freeing and liberating being around like minded people. but best believe politics finds its way everywhere, even underground. So in order to not get sucked up into all the whoop la and slams of poetry, I try to just call myself a visitor of poetry, so if the venue burns down I can escape out the back door and be on my merry way. but don't get me wrong, poetry has changed my life in so many ways with the many individuals that I've come across and lessons that I've learned. So I know that I owe so much of my growth and development to poetry. So me and poetry are still secret lovers...

Oh and did I mention that I also act as well??? Yup, I get my Forest Whitaker on. I've been acting even before I knew what acting was. When I was in elementary I was always the entertainment of the class. I never wasn't performing at home, in school, just in life period. So long story short I get to high school and discover that being an actor or a bank robber were probably my only two options in life. so my mom was against taking money that wasn't mine so I went with the acting. umm went to college for it and my school murdered a piece of my heart and love for acting.
(This is a very touchy and so so topic for me, so what I'll do is leave you guys hanging onto this right here, and I'll dedicate a whole post to it later on so that I don't leave anything out)

soooo.....anyway onwards and upwards

(See I told you I get the awkward moments popping, lol)

Anywho its way past my sleeptime and I'm so tired of typing and I actually can't believe that I typed this much. but I hope that I haven't bored you lovely souls to death or scared you off. because I have more bizarre to rant and rave about so
this is an itchy awkward soul signing off
till next time
stay random

Internet, check ✓