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Sunday, January 30, 2011

It Always Ends, That's What Gives It Value...

I Can't Remember
by: Carice Zum Hofe

People tend to say
That remembering hurts
But forgetting is just as painful

I can't remember
Exactly what shade of brown
Your eyes were

I can't remember
What it felt like
When you held me

I can't remember
The tone of your voice
When you laughed

I can't remember
How your mouth tasted
When you kissed me

I can't remember
The sparkle in your eyes
When you looked at me

I can't remember
The curves of your body
As my hands traced them

I can't remember
Why we agreed
We were better off alone...

Baltimore was fun, signing off
till next time
stay random

Internet, check ✓

Monday, January 17, 2011

Saying Hello to Eternity & Dragonfly Smiles...

As I strolled through the park I noticed a broken hearted butterfly passing,
I stopped as I watched it crumpled away into the atmosphere.
I could smell the stale scent of dry goodbyes and the shackles of deception.
The silver lining in a raspy goodbye, is that curious hello's tend to follow if you keep a light enough heart.
...so I moved onward and slowly into the twilight.
I looked up towards a heavens deserted of a single twinkle.
Shortly down the path I came across a beautifully bruised rose.
I wanted to approach her but...
I could sense that some mischievous critter had disguised itself and landed on her petals before I'd arrived
And I wasn't exactly sure how to bring myself to her
I removed my jacket, rolled up my sleeves and showed her my heart so that she could see the honesty in my soul; no disguises here.
She quivered as I sat down, and I felt a warm fear come over her.
Not sure what this new experience would bring her.
But there was welcome in her nervous.
I was afraid to smile at her, because I knew that it would remind her of a shadowy past.
But at that moment a dragonfly land on my collar bone above my right breast.
I recalled the symbolism behind these beautiful insects; adult dragonflies life spans are no more than three months and as fast as their wings flutter, their bodies, their core seem not to move at all and if so they do with such purpose. With such little time they must always live in the moment and trust that they'll regret nothing.
Life is for living, not regretting that which has already passed.
At that very moment a star fell from above and landed in my lap,
I handed it to her, hoping that her intuition would give me a clean bill of health
Because this moment that we existed in was the only one we'd have of this kind.
She smiled.
My heart never felt so warm and full of purpose as it did in that moment.
I whispered sweet every things into her ear hoping that she'd understand the purpose in my words.
As we looked into each other,
I swore her eye's had wings like dragonflies
She and I were meant to be right here
And I want to be here for an eternity
My heart has never rested on petals as soft as she...

I swear I'll marry this woman if she'll have me

Two Dandy Crew, signing off
till next time
stay random

Internet, check ✓