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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lonely Thinker...

Why cry when babies die?
Why not smile at a near miss?
Why not extend an open hand to a clenched first?
Why are there rules against rings on bent wrist?
Why question a rules validity when we so easily accept a fools stupidity?
Two towers burning...
Lies nonsense right under your noses
But change the messenger
Same message
Two tablets...burning
Does that not still lie on nonsense?
Two stories, neither with supporting evidence
Yet we accept so willingly
These cons are stealing your common sense from right under your noses
But see that's been common since
Cents ain't been that common these days
Since chasing cents seems to be the only thing we have in common these days...
Mice trapped in a maze, amazed that you could fall for the same trap twice and not adapt in your ways...
Mice trapped in a maze, amazed that you could fall for the same trap twice and not adapt in your ways...
Evolution is melting ice caps, and primitive man drawling depiction's of life on the walls of their caves
How far have we really come?
Running backwards isn't just silly, it's dumb
But then again...stupid is what stupid does
Monkey see, monkey do
So if a stupid monkey sees a silly monkey doing something dumb
then whats a silly-stupid-monkey to do?
What was the last intelligent thing bad girls club taught you?
When was the last time you were capitalized off of real house or basketball wives?
Being deceived by reality tv
Won't even believe this is reality, even though you can read me
Why because my words aren't popping out of your screen like 3D?
And the government ain't gona stop the lie
Because they see that you're too darn preoccupied
You need to pitch a tent in your child's school
Instead of going to wall street to occupy
You see I speak this way because my soul itches
That's the second black cat I den seen walk by
Matrix glitches seem to be happening more and more often
They started around the time I became less and less afraid of a coffin
More and more interested in the message
And less and less in who's talking
Because Martin was an adulteress and Jesus hung with prostitutes
If you say you believe in god, then you must also believe in his divine plan
And if you just believe in man, then you ultimately know how he ends
But either way I apologize for being unapologetic towards your emotional sensitivity
But logic has no sensitivity
What is, is
And what ain't, just ain't gone be
A gazelle dies
And a lion is fed for a week
...nature doesn't cry
Sometimes, babies just die...

thoughts from the back seat of a paddy wagon, signing off
till next time
stay random

Internet, check ✓

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