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Monday, February 14, 2011

I Swear My Soul Been Itching All Damn Day...

Doesn't this picture just scream "LOVE ME AND BUY ME CHOCOLATES"!!!

Ok so I lied...
But I promise this will be the last thing I say. But in response to a comment someone made on my page then deleted...

@Ms. Holloway absolutely right you are. Only sad part about it all is that love and anything else pure for that matter gets tainted whenever capitalism gets involved. And the 14.7 billion dollars that was spent on this day alone in 2009 sounds nothing like love and more like a fucking genius business strategy. I mean hey I'm not knocking anybody with a good scheme to get rich. And it's so perfect it actually runs itself. Create a day and give it one of the most pure emotions "love". Then provide all the materials necessary to enact this day (at a fee of course, because Hallmark wouldn't just give cards away from the goodness of their hearts or anything silly like that). Then let people run wild. Most of them will automatically follow suit, and for those who don't they will be guilt tripped into it, because let's be honest if you're a guy and all of your woman's friends are talking about all of the gifts they received on this wonderful day and why doesn't she have any. She gona look at you like nigga you better start coughing up some money or I'ma go find somebody who will...smh. So it becomes mandatory for a man if he wants any chance at coitus that night. None of the other 364 days receive as much attention, he can love her till his eyes bleed on any of those other days. But this is the one that really counts. We never think about anything until we are told to. Some people don't think twice about family members until thanksgiving comes around. Or give two shits about struggle until February hits. Woman's wants, rights, and needs aren't important until March and so on and so forth. My point in all of this is if we really wanted to spread the love we'd take that 14.7 billion and put it in the stomachs of starving children, or into our school system, fuck how bout just dividing it evenly and making sure every homeless person has some money in their pockets...but those things aren't as important as celebrating a pagan holiday that involved a man being drawn and quartered (which for those of you how don't know what that means he was hanged to the point of being barely conscious, chopped into four pieces and his intestines where set on fire and his body parts where sent to different places to be viewed as an example). So I have no problems with people loving each other and celebrating what ever they so please. But please for humanities sake research shit and don't just listen to what you were taught in school. That will be all. Enjoy the rest of this glorious holiday :-)

I'm an awkward platypus goddammit!! signing off
till next time
stay random

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  1. I love you for the knowledge you just fed me with this post. I read all your post cause as awkward as you are, your damn interesting. But seriously that 14.7 billion cauold have been spent else where. i agree 210% with that one.